How to furnish the house in a modern style

What absolutely cannot be missing in a house furnished with a modern style?
The modern style is expressed through clean lines, practical and functional spaces, the essential use of decorative elements or knick-knacks and the choice of technologically advanced solutions 

Make way for functionality

It is the  functionality  in every environment that characterizes a modern piece of furniture.

The home, especially after the changes of the last two years, is our  refuge  and our source of  well -being; it has become that place where we can  relax  , experience moments of  conviviality  and, why not, also do  our work  . It is easy to imagine that the path to follow to furnish the house in a modern style must overcome many obstacles!

In some cases, the step before furnishing is that of  restructuring . In fact, it may be necessary to modify the structure of some environments because they are made with a logic that is no longer current. There are, for example, houses with small or poorly lit rooms. In this case and, of course, where possible, knocking down walls can certainly help to improve the habitability of the rooms. Obviously, the furniture and the correct distribution of the furniture contribute to achieving the desired result. 

Furnishing a house in a modern style requires attention  to every detail and every environment  . Be careful not to make the mistake of creating only one modern style bedroom! A modern house requires a unique look, a light and continuous passage from the living space to the sleeping area or the bathroom. No more heavy, bulky furniture or furniture loaded with decorative elements. But light, linear, essential furniture but extremely technological and sophisticated in its structure and use. 

Innovative materials!

A characteristic of modern furniture is, in fact, the use of innovative materials . These are solutions that give a kitchen worktop, a hob or our beloved sofa a technological soul. Think of materials such as neolith, okite or dekton increasingly used to create elegant, customizable and resistant kitchen tops. 

Or modern sofas made with functional structures and capable of offering us total comfort because we can choose to recline the backrest or extend them to rest our legs; and with materials that allow easy maintenance and cleaning, whether fabric or leather.

The importance of lighting technology.

A revolution in recent years: the discovery of artificial light as a modern furnishing element!  LED strips  , spotlights or simply lamps capable of “giving shape to light” to create atmospheres and delimit environments. Interior designers attach great importance to artificial light in defining their projects.

These are the details that cannot be missing and that characterize the soul of a kitchen or a sleeping area, such as the container bed with built-in bed base and light placed to illuminate the area under the bed. 

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