The automatic winder: A must for watch lovers

Watch winders, these nifty little devices are becoming increasingly popular among collectors and enthusiasts. It is also known as a watch winder or automatic winding box. In the beginning, watch winders were simple wooden boxes with rotating drums. Inside, watches could be placed and kept in motion. But as technology advanced, more sophisticated models emerged. Multiple rotation settings and even built-in timers to mimic natural movements were incorporated into them. Apart from the aesthetic and prestige factors, using a watch winder is also practical. For many automatic watches that are not worn every day, it can be a tedious task to wind them manually. A good quality watch winder does this task effortlessly while ensuring proper maintenance of each piece.

Enjoy the convenience of a watch winder

With an automatic watch winder, you no longer need to manually wind your watches every few days. Simply place them in the winder and let it do its magic! Also, by keeping your watches in continuous motion, the automatic 2 watch winder prevents oils from building up inside them. This can cause damage over time. Furthermore, an automatic watch winder not only keeps your watches running smoothly. It also makes a beautiful display case for your collection. Most watch winders come with different settings that allow you to adjust the rotation speed. You can do this according to the needs of each watch. Use an automatic watch winder regularly to improve the quality of your watch.

Which watch winder design to choose?

Tired of constantly winding your watch by hand? Look no further! Here are some examples of finishes that you can adopt for your watch winders. Crocodile leather, piano wood, and carbon fiber materials are all great choices. You can have a unique and elegant accessory. Not only does it ensure the smooth running of your watch, but it also adds a touch of luxury to your collection.

The choice of crocodile leather

For those looking for a stylish, yet exotic option for their collection, crocodile leather is the perfect choice. Not only does it add texture and depth to the overall look of the watch winder, but it also ensures its longevity.

Opting for piano wood

If you’re looking for sophistication with a winder, look no further than piano wood. Its glossy finish exudes an air of elegance while its sturdy construction ensures your precious watches are protected.

Carbon fiber with a modern look

For those who prefer a more modern and sleek aesthetic, carbon fiber is definitely worth considering. Known for its strength-to-weight ratio and high-tech look, this material will give your custom winder a contemporary feel.

How to use a winder?

The mechanism of a double winder may seem complex, but it is actually very simple. Here’s how it works.

Step 1

Place your watches on the rotors Most double watch winders come with two rotors on which you can place your watches. These rotors rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise, whichever direction works best for your watch model.

2nd step

Adjusting the rotation speed You can adjust the rotation speed according to your preference or the manufacturer’s recommendations for your watch brand and model.

Step 3

Plug it in Once everything is ready, plug the power cord into a power outlet and turn on the switch. And that’s it! Your watches will start to wind automatically and will stay wound until you’re ready to wear them again.

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