How To Get A License Plate For Your Car?

every car must be registered to be allowed to drive freely on the roads. This is precisely why when you buy your vehicle, you will need to apply for a registration plate. For this to happen quickly and in good conditions, specific steps must be followed. Discover them in this article.

Appropriate the registration application form

When you have a brand new car, the seller is required to give you a pink form. This will allow you to apply for registration of your vehicle. This is a form that you can also receive from your insurance company, your car dealership or your technical inspection station.

The Vehicle Registration Department (DIV) can also provide you with this form. Generally, the fastest option is to make the request when purchasing from your seller. Please note that the registration application form provided by the technical inspection station is only valid for two (2) months.

Beyond this time, you and the seller will have to pass a technical inspection in order to extend the validity of the form. This is done against payment. For more detailed information on vehicle registration,

Fill in the form

The form must be filled out carefully because, if there is a small mistake, the document will be automatically rejected so that you can correct it. You will therefore be forced to fill out the form again and send it back. This increases the time it takes to obtain your license plate. To avoid making this mistake, you will have to respect certain rules such as writing in capital letters for example, and in a very legible way.

In each box, enter only one number or one letter. Also pay particular attention to the numbers to be entered. Only complete the information on the front of the form. Since the DIV is automated, the information on the back of the document is not considered.

In the event that you complete a second form for the same application, it is essential that you staple the two together. Also, remember to write the number of the second form in the X10 box that you have completed.

Send the form to the insurance company

After filling out the license plate application form, you will need to submit it. The fastest option is to submit it to your insurance agency . Since January 2014, insurance companies are required to use the DIV web application to submit your application.

The processing is done quickly and you will have your plate after 24 or 48 hours. If you are absent, the postman will leave you a notice stating that your plate is available at the post office. For some car models, the processing of the plate request is not done via the application.

Pay the license plate fee

After sending the form, the postman comes and gives you your plate and the registration certificate against payment of the application fee. Since 2012, this cost is 30 doller. You will also have a double-part registration certificate (one for the car and the second for your house). All the information on the certificate must also be correct.

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