Can you drive under CBD and what are the risks in the event of a saliva test?

CBD has been so successful that the law and legal techniques are struggling to keep up with this craze. Indeed, almost everyone today has heard of CBD, many have tasted it and most of them have even integrated it into their lives. This is one of the most fundamental characteristics of CBD: it is completely transgenerational, able to slip into all environments and capable of meeting very different needs. However, a question arises: can you drive under CBD?

CBD, drug or miracle product?

Since CBD was launched on the market, we have heard everything and anything about the molecule. It is therefore high time to get rid of beliefs. First, if CBD comes from the hemp plant, this molecule should not be confused with THC. CBD is therefore non-psychotropic , which means that it never acts on your perceptions, and that it does not cause any form of dependence. CBD is therefore absolutely not a drug.

In addition, numerous and varied scientific studies tend to demonstrate that CBD brings many benefits to its consumers. From fighting depression to optimizing cognitive performance, reducing chronic pain or facilitating sleep, CBD seems to have multiple faculties. But then, if the CBD business allows everyone to benefit from it, can you drive under CBD without risk?

Is it possible to drive under CBD?

The answer is clearly yes. Indeed, CBD to be sold in France must have a THC concentration of less than 0.2% . This is a legal obligation that all serious sites, such as, ensure to respect to the letter. At this level of concentration, you therefore risk nothing, because your awareness of things and the environment will not be impacted and your reflexes will be preserved. On condition of course that you consume CBD in a measured manner.

In addition, at the legal level, absolutely nothing prohibits the marketing or consumption of CBD in France. Driving under CBD is also not prohibited. However, we remind you that it is important to buy from a reputable retailer to be sure of the quality of the CBD . Because if what you consume does not respect the legal concentrations , you will then be held responsible for your actions!

The risks of driving under CBD

Driving under CBD is not prohibited and you can never be sanctioned for it during a check. But we still recommend being careful because although the CBD we consume is very low in THC, it is not completely free of it. However, the control devices used by the gendarmerie and the police, in particular saliva tests , are not quantitative. They simply detect the presence or absence of THC in the blood.

During a check, even a measured user of CBD could therefore test positive for THC. In the majority of cases, this will not have any consequences since any positive saliva test must normally be followed by confirmation of the concentration by a blood test . The constabulary will then realize the tiny amount of THC present in your veins and should therefore leave you alone. But be careful, zero risk does not exist!

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