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A true artisanal jewel, the automatic watch is the combination of several hundred watch parts. Not all automatic watches have the same manufacturing quality, however. Some manufacturers manage to stand out from their competitors, including. Which brands should be favored for the acquisition of an automatic watch for men?

Charlie Paris, between sobriety and refinement

Most brands tend to significantly increase their prices when offering high-end watches. This is not the case for Charlie Paris and its carefully finished watches. Their classic and modern design allows them to accompany many clothing styles, each watch being perfectly balanced. Attention to detail can be seen in the smallest aspects of watchmaking. The brand also strives to choose quality pieces and create each model in order to create watches with record longevity. Your automatic watch will be able to accompany you for years, even decades.

The Initial collection sports an urban style with its leather strap and blue or white dial. With its water resistance up to 300 m, the Concordia range is perfect for adventurers and explorers looking for an all-terrain watch. Finally, the GR collection has a sporty character ideal for outdoor physical activities. If you are looking for a versatile watch that knows how to remain discreet, Charlie Paris is a brand you can turn to with your eyes closed.

Akrone, watchmaking from Brittany

The particularity of Akrone lies in the clear objective of its watches: to redefine modern watchmaking. The Breton brand works in collaboration with French military units to create high-performance automatic watches for men. The personalization of watches reserved for military personnel and veterans also makes it possible to have a unique watch in the world, reflecting the personality of its wearer. Akrone therefore focuses above all on the quality of its manufacture as well as its aesthetics inspired by French military corps to create visually impeccable watches.

The C-02 range has interesting features for deep sea diving. The C-03 collection features the coat of arms of the Army Light Aviation, recalling its military inspiration. Finally, C-04 watches are defined by a retro and sophisticated style. Their bomb glass and fine features make them perfect watches to add elegance. It should be noted, however, that many models are only available in limited editions. Overall, Akrone watches will appeal to fans of military imagery .

Bodet-1868, a historic brand

Bodet’s reputation is well established. This century and a half old brand has left its mark on the history of French watchmaking. The company therefore logically decided to turn to the production of automatic watches. Bodet’s main added value lies in its long-standing experience and know-how. Visually, Bodet watches are clearly distinguished by their square dial, a symbol of the brand for several decades. The thick yellow leather strap inside also recalls this retro aesthetic that has forged the brand’s reputation. Generally speaking, the 1970s aesthetic put forward by Bodet may not appeal to everyone. What’s more, the watches offered by the brand are also much more expensive than those mentioned above.

However, we should not ignore the quality of watchmaking implemented by Bodet to offer high-end robust watches. The Bodet collection is distinguished by 3 different models: “Oser”, “Vivre” and “Entreprendre”. The brand thus demonstrates its desire to create durable watches, which accompany their owner at every stage of their life.

France is undoubtedly blessed with talented companies in the field of watchmaking. If you are looking for an automatic watch for men with the best possible quality/price ratio, you can easily turn to these well-known and recognized brands. Whether you are looking for an adventure-oriented or more conventional model, you can be sure to find the watch that meets your needs without breaking the bank!

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