How to wear a Rockabilly dress in 2021?

Nostalgic for the 50s? Well, it’s the big comeback in fashion for vintage outfits. Rock’n’roll style fans, beautiful dresses in Pop colors, if you want to activate the stars in the eyes of anyone who looks at you in this year 2021, nothing better than a return to the past to make you your own all the myth attached to Rockabilly. Find out how to do it.

The return of legendary outfits

Gradually falling into oblivion over the decades, Rockabilly fashion is back in fashion. From Greasers to Swingers to Western style, there are enough to suit you and adopt this musical and cultural style that is Rockabilly. You want to be while remaining soft, nothing is more appropriate than a Rockabilly dress to enhance your feminine power.

You can easily find vintage clothing in shops dedicated to this 50s style. Adopt in this sense, fabrics that display cherry patterns, or tropical style. Flared, long, sheath or wrap dress? The choice is quite vast. How about a low-cut dress with a loose petticoat, fitted with short sleeves, all in Pop color?

Refine your look with the right accessories

Alongside your dress, there are a multitude of must-have pieces that will add even more cachet to your rockabilly style. Choose timeless pieces like black or red Mary Jane-style heels.

If you are not a fan of high heels, opt for a more casual look. Then opt for loafers or derbies for example. And for the final touch, don’t forget your necklaces, your handbag, the legendary headband and your small earrings. And may the evening be beautiful!

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