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Organize a house clearance for victims of syllogomania

Do you know people who are victims of syllogomania? Know that it is possible to completely empty your house and get rid of it. But then, what is the best method to empty your house  ? To answer this question, with the help of this article, we tell you everything.

The need for clearance for syllogomania sufferers

The person with hoarding disorder tends to adopt excessive attitudes such as neglecting personal health and household hygiene. It is a dangerous behavioral disorder that can lead to health and safety risks . In fact, hoarding can cause fires, the presence of rats and bacteria, etc. It can even cause diseases such as allergies, asthma, lung irritations and different infections (skin infection for example).

What is syllogomania?

Hoarding or pathological hoarding is described in various psychiatric pathologies, notably in Diogenes syndrome. It is characterized by an excessive accumulation of objects of all kinds, without using them. Victims of hoarding have difficulty getting rid of them even if they are useless, cumbersome, unhealthy or even dangerous. They prefer to keep them as souvenirs , but this accumulation affects the living space. Indeed, the interior of the house will become unlivable and difficult to access. There will be mountains of useless clothes lying around, packaging piled up everywhere, advertising papers, old letters, large useless boxes. The house will be cluttered and it will be impossible to receive visitors.

Several pathologies can be the cause. It can be due to obsessive-compulsive disorders , mental disorders, schizophrenia or even Alzheimer’s disease. To get rid of it, you have to treat it. A house clearance is also necessary to get rid of all this.

Empty and clean the house to put an end to syllogomania

The first step to stop hoarding is to empty the house . For this, you can call a professional. A cleaning company or a demolition company can intervene and do all the work. They will start by sorting the useful objects (valuables, important documents, expense reports, etc.) from the useless objects. The useless things will be put in boxes to be thrown away or to be sold after the owner’s agreement.

Once you have finished emptying the house, the second step is to clean it. This cleaning will take several hours, as it also requires the removal of stains and mold detected in the house. After cleaning, we will move on to disinfection to restore order and cleanliness.

Note that a cleaning professional can completely tidy and disinfect the house . He can also take the time to get rid of bad odors to avoid creating discontent between the victim and his neighbors.

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