Gaming chair: the original Thermaltake X Comfort Air

The gamer needs comfort to be at peak performance during gaming sessions. This is why it is important that he has suitable equipment such as a gaming chair that he can use for a long time. Major brands strive to offer the best models with diverse functions in order to meet the gamer’s expectations. Among the long-awaited models on the market, the Thermaltage X Comfort Air stands out for its quality and functionality: ventilation!

The technical characteristics of the Thermaltake X Comfort Air

Made from quality materials, this gamer chair is both practical and durable. Its seat height is variable and can be adjusted according to the needs of its user. It can go from 48 to 58 cm approximately with a total inclination of the backrest . This gamer chair is rather robust, which allows it to support up to 145 kg on average . As for its design, the seat is black, with armrests and a cushion at the head. For those who want to enjoy a certain touch of color, it is also available in black and orange. It also has transport wheels essential for any good gamer chair! While waiting for it to be put on the market, its manufacturers have announced a price of up to 500 euros for its purchase.

A ventilated gaming chair model!

To buy a gaming chair , you must take into account the additional features it offers. This is what allows the player to take full advantage of this accessory. As for the Thermaltake X Comfort Air , it is undoubtedly its innovative and efficient ventilation system that allows it to stand out from the crowd. While some models already offer this functionality, this chair stands out from the others by its mode of operation and its effectiveness in meeting the needs of its user on this issue.

The advantages of an air-conditioned gaming chair

As a gamer, we don’t always feel the need to opt for a chair with ventilation. However, the benefits that can be gained from it are numerous. Already, in terms of comfort, this seat prevents the thighs from sticking together due to heat and sweat even when the player is wearing shorts. Thanks to this gamer chair, long sessions will no longer be a problem even during the hottest days of the year! It is therefore essential equipment for gaming enthusiasts. It should also be noted that it is not likely to distract the gamer, which is not always the case with conventional ventilation systems. Indeed, it is very quiet while remaining as efficient as possible.

Details about the fan

If the thermaltake X Comfort Air’s air conditioning system is so efficient, it is thanks to its innovative design. In total, the chair has 4 fans placed strategically on the seat. Each fan has 5 blades similar to those used in cars. Without being annoying, they provide an air volume of 30m3/h on average which passes easily from the seat to the user to provide them with the comfort they need. Unlike fans used separately, that of the gaming chair is much more robust. Created from the best materials, it can operate uninterrupted for a period of 70,000 hours without being damaged! Each fan making up the gaming chair operates at a special speed. This optimizes the player’s well-being during the entire time they use the chair. This way, the temperature is set to be as pleasant as possible!

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