The Role Of A Rental Manager

The rental manager is a professional with a keen sense of negotiation and proven skills in property management. He allows the owner to save time and gain peace of mind. Requesting his services is the best way to simplify daily management in compliance with the law. Here is what the rental manager is actually responsible for.

Finding a good tenant

Thanks to his technical and commercial skills and his interpersonal skills, the property manager is responsible for all aspects related to the management of the rented property. He has a perfect knowledge of the real estate sector in Paris and knows exactly what actions to implement to find the best tenants. In the case where the lessor is inexperienced, the manager can offer him rental prices based on the specific features of the property. This includes, for example, the rental area, the surface area or the energy performance.

The expert ensures that all diagnostics are carried out in order to have all the necessary information for tenants. He advertises the property on several media and takes care of visits. Your property will then be shared on major platforms such as Le Boncoin, on social networks or even in newspapers.

The manager reports the visits and any objections to the lessor. Depending on the eligibility of the files received, he will choose the tenant most able to meet the payment deadlines and sign the contract. You can count on him to carry out the inventory of fixtures upon entry and take out various insurance policies to protect you against non-payment.

Effective management of the property

Once the tenant has moved into their new home , the expert takes care of multiple tasks, the most important of which is receiving the rental funds. He ensures that the payment is made on the due date or at the end of the term. When the tenant has difficulty meeting his commitments, the property manager can negotiate new deadlines or even make discounts to collect what you owe.

In addition, rents are revised every year. To do his job legally, the professional is on the lookout for changes in real estate law. He can then set the amount of the revisions according to the regulations. Thanks to his legal knowledge, he can manage a conflict without creating a scandal. He is also authorized to take legal action for the management of disputes. In the event of work or repairs, he is also at your service. He also takes care of:

  • Represent the owner in meetings;
  • Help with tax declaration;
  • Check the tenant’s insurance certificate
  • Renew the lease…

The appearance of the tenant’s exit

Rental management continues until the tenant leaves. An inventory is carried out by the property manager in order to know how to return the security deposit. He then collects the keys and prepares the property for a new rental. In order to carry out these tasks, the rental manager must have a clear mandate from the owner. It may happen that he does not fulfill all of the tasks mentioned. Indeed, the tasks to be accomplished depend on the options selected by the lessor and the requirements of the manager’s agency.

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