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Home: How To Permanently Get Rid Of Wall Or Floor Cracks?

Cracks are the most common technical and aesthetic defects in a home. They can be of different nature depending on their origins. You should only be alarmed when cracks frequently recur at various levels of the house. Indeed, the problem is more important than we think. It calls into question all of the foundations of the housing in question and even the ground on which they rest.

Will it therefore be necessary to rebuild the house? This would be a major project which will not be possible. Fortunately, there will be other alternatives available, including resin injection. This process makes it possible to strengthen the foundation of the house. This is a recent technique that we would like to briefly present to you.

The principle of underpinning by resin injection

The technical solution by resin injection, as its name suggests, consists of introducing this specific compound into the identified voids. It is very practical especially when resuming underpinning. Indeed, these are often inaccessible areas. However, differences in levels or even instabilities lead to wall cracks and subsidence.

Resin injection is carried out by lateral diffusion, from outside the house . Thus, drilling will be necessary to install the steel beating lances. In addition, the resin to be injected will be tested before being used. The quantity will be determined based on studies carried out upstream. All stages concern the technical procedures carried out by resin injection professionals.

When to use resin injection for underpinning?

Resin injection underpinning is required in the event of frequent cracks appearing. These can appear on the walls, but also on the floor and even on the ceiling. In reality, these events occur following the instability of the foundation of the house. They can also originate from seismic movements. Furthermore, the floor may also have cracks.

Depending on the case, the injection of resin into the underpinning will allow different objectives to be achieved. Firstly, there will be soil densification. This helps balance the support of this support. It will also have the capacity to create paving. Furthermore, resin injection allows the soil to be compacted. It therefore constitutes the ideal solution to combat cracks of all types. For more information on this, you can visit juibd

Idla Solutions, for well-performed resin injection services

Idla Solutions is a company specializing in the injection of active resin both in France and in Belgium. The company particularly wishes to make this practice accessible to all individuals. In particular, it offers detailed and precise support at all stages of the project. Idla Solutions stands out above all for its expertise in studies before resin injection. The company thus offers the most appropriate solution according to field data. Upon delivery of the work, the technicians validate the achievements using various readings.

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