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Audi A3: what are the advantages of the old model?

While the new Audi A3 began to be delivered in May 2020, the arrival of Covid and confinements significantly slowed down the flow of stocks of the old model. As a result, fans of the brand can choose between the old and new versions. So what are the notable differences between the two Audi A3s, is it better to choose the new or the old model? Answers!

More careful lighting for the new version

If you are interested in car lighting, you will certainly not be disappointed with the new Audi A3. Obviously the use of auto LED is required on both models, moreover if you want to change the bulbs in your Audi A3 you will very easily find suitable Audi LEDs. Indeed, an Audi A3 bulb can easily be found online, whether it is the new or the old model, since car LED remains the most popular auto lighting system. That being said, the new model of the Audi A3 is surprising with its auto lighting. The Audi A3 Sportback S Line gives its owner the possibility of personalizing the interior lighting with ambient lighting. This new feature in auto lighting allows you to create the desired atmosphere by having the choice between 30 colors on two levels. The car’s auto lighting is then completely transformed inside the passenger compartment. So, if you like customizable auto lighting effects you will certainly appreciate the new model.

A completely different style

Fans of the old model who were expecting a modernization of the lines may be disappointed, because the styling of the A3 has been completely redesigned. So, if you were particularly attached to the look of the old model, then it is better to look at the older version, because the new Audi A3 has completely changed its style. Ribbed hood on the central part, redesigned lights, the lines have been completely redesigned both inside and outside which gives it a completely different look. It is therefore a question of taste between the old and the new design. Furthermore, if you are looking for a three-door or convertible version, you will have to turn to the old model since these two possibilities have been excluded from the new version.

More possibilities on the hybrid side

In terms of hybrid engine possibilities, Audi recently expanded its range by offering a new possibility with regard to the A3 model. The 40 TFSI e model indeed offers a plug-in hybrid engine with 67km of range. The 1.4 TFSI four-cylinder 150 hp engine is associated with an 80 kW electric motor, therefore 109 hp, which allows you to benefit from a cumulative power of 204 hp for this model. By comparison, the old model of the Audi A3 hybrid, the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron, also had the same power level. Those looking for a hybrid engine in an Audi A3 will therefore be able to benefit from the same level of power on both the old and new models. Obviously, the possibilities offered with the new A3 are numerous and will allow you to find an engine that will meet your needs and preferences.

How to choose ?

It is therefore difficult to decide between these two models which, in addition to being of excellent quality, have become radically different. The comparison is therefore complex since the style of the new A3 has completely changed compared to that of the old one. These two vehicles are therefore very beautiful models and the best thing is to try them in order to make a comparison according to your own criteria. So, if you are still hesitant, we advise you to view online tests and also to go to a dealership to obtain the desired information, test the models to get an idea and take time for reflection to make an informed choice. Whatever your preference, both the old and new models of the Audi A3 are still very good cars!

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