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What Type Of Dress To Wear For A First Date?

The first date is always accompanied by mixed feelings. The excitement of the new encounter is often mixed with a certain anxiety as the stakes are so high. Indeed, we all know that the first visual impression is often the one that stays in the mind of the person we want to please and the slightest misstep can be synonymous with irreversible failure. Hence the importance of putting all the chances on your side by selecting a perfect dress for a first date.

But let’s just say it right away, the perfect dress does not exist! Or, to put it more encouragingly, every particular situation has its ideal dress. Indeed, choosing a suitable outfit is the result of taking into account many factors. The location intended to hold the meeting is of course decisive. Likewise, as in any other situation, your body shape must be highlighted by a coherent choice to have a strong effect on your future conquest. Explanations.

A dress adapted to the context of your first date

For a first date, your priority should be to adapt your outfit to the conditions of the meeting. No question of showing up in a park in the middle of the day with an ultra-sexy dress or you will bite your fingers when your crush suggests that you go and sit cross-legged on the grass for lunch… A long floral dress will be nice more relevant and much more comfortable while allowing you to highlight your charm in a spring setting.

On the Cherryflowers website, you will find a large number of outfits in general and dresses in particular that will allow you to choose the one that will make you stand out the most in any context. For a romantic stroll along the quays, opt for a cotton wrap dress or a long striped bohemian dress. On the other hand, if your date takes place in a festive and slightly naughty place, go straight and choose a black faux leather skirt!

Your body shape, your dress, and you

Choosing a dress for a first date also means giving a glimpse of your femininity without revealing everything. Here, it’s all a matter of morphology. Know how to choose a dress that highlights your assets without falling into exhibitionism, which could have the effect of worrying princes charming who are a little cautious. The basic rule of seduction is to know your strengths and to know how to use them wisely.

Busty women, for example, will have every interest in draping themselves in a sleeveless midi dress to suggest a silhouette and make their gentlemen drool. If you are rather thin and your chest is small, for example, prefer a pleated dress with a pretty neckline. A pretty waist can also be highlighted by a beautiful fitted cocktail dress, while the ruffled mini dress will give body and volume to slightly frail silhouettes.

Make a strong impression on a first date

When we set out to find a prince charming, we sometimes tend to overplay for fear of not being liked. This reaction is completely normal, but the risk is to propel you into a role that is not yours and which risks placing you in upsetting situations. Beyond all the morphological and contextual rules, you will need to choose a dress that suits your deep personality above all.

In the game of seduction, frankness is an asset rather than a flaw. Indeed, what is cuter than a woman fulfilled in her body and her clothes? For a first date, don’t overdo it and choose a dress that suits you. The Cherryflowers catalog brings together products as varied as pink tulle dresses, ribbed sweater dresses, white shirt dresses or denim mini skirts. So many different styles that ensure you find what you need to seduce your prey!

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