Much More Than Sleep: The Art Of Relaxation In Our Pajama Suits

To get a good night’s sleep, clothes are very important. This is also the reason why certain companies have developed branches dedicated to pajamas, for all genders and all ages. How do pajamas contribute to your good sleep? How to choose the right pajamas to sleep well at night? What are the selection criteria on which you should base yourself? We invite you to discover everything in this article.

The importance of pajamas for a dream night

Softness and comfort are the first characteristics of choice for pajamas. Studies have also proven that good nightwear protects you from the cold and allows you to have a good night’s sleep. Putting on good nightwear helps you fall asleep and optimizes comfort, hence the importance of comfortable pajamas for dreamy nights . These suits reduce the risk of catching a cold or flu because they keep you warm during cool periods.

They also prevent diseases. Indeed, when you sleep, you sweat. This sweat is made up of dead cells and water that the body evacuates. Wearing pajamas limits the risk of getting all the sweat on your sheets, and this barrier reduces the risk of exposure to disease.

Furthermore, pajamas are a real piece of clothing for relaxing at night. As the temperatures rise, you can put it on for some relaxing time in your living room. You can also wear your nightwear for girls’ sleepovers!

The different types of pajama suits

Sleep suits come in various forms. For women, there are for example:

  • Nightgowns;
  • Kimonos;
  • Nightgowns;
  • Combinations and sets;
  • Nighties;
  • Babydolls, etc.

Men can buy short, long, jumpsuit or nightgown pajamas.

Criteria for choosing good pajamas

To choose good pajamas, several aspects must be taken into account, including the material, the temperature and the user themselves.

The material of the pajamas

For a woman, cotton remains a safe bet: this material is breathable, resistant to washing and easy to maintain. Silk , satin and gauze , poplin and cotton flannel are also safe bets. When it comes to men, viscose, satin, jersey and silk are good alternatives. You can therefore choose the fabric to personalize according to your tastes, patterns and texture.

The user of the pajamas

In reality, which pajamas to choose depends on the person who plans to wear them. The material and texture of the fabric of men’s pajamas are not necessarily the same as those for women. This distinction is even more marked when the individuals concerned are elderly people or babies. When pajamas are intended for a baby, they must be chosen in materials which respect delicate skin and which keep them warm when temperatures are low. Also favor materials that do not fray.

The season

Pajamas used in winter are not suitable for other seasons, and vice versa. In fact, some pajamas warm while remaining flexible; they keep you warm, but also let the body breathe. When temperatures rise, choose light pajamas and comfortable, but breathable materials. This promotes sleep .


While few people worry about the appearance of their pajamas, know that you are completely able to personalize them according to your tastes. You can play on the originality, style and patterns of your pajamas. It can be fun, cute, sexy, or just plain classic.

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