How Many Camels Am I Worth? Estimate Your Worth!

Unlike the dromedary, the camel has two humps and the dromedary only has one. These bumps are made up of fats which serve as energy reserves. Indeed, they are mammals of the camelid family and these ancestors lived in North America. On the one hand, the precursors of the camel established themselves in eastern Asia, particularly between China and Mongolia. On the other hand, the dromedary exodus towards Arabia and North Africa. They are thus resistant to the high temperatures of hot deserts and can survive at very low temperatures. As a result, the camel was once an animal treated with the greatest respect.

Why is the camel so highlighted?

In nomadic societies, the camel is used to carry water or goods long distances across the desert. Furthermore, the camel provides milk, meat, leather and wool as well as work. This is why she is considered a mother. The value of the camel has its origins in Islam, it is indeed precious and treated with the greatest respect. In this regard, the Prophet Muhammad determined that an Islamist man can achieve a value of up to 100 camels. As a result, the latter were once the main asset for the Islamists.

In the past in Western countries, respect was considered when one had an abundance of money. However, for the nomads of Arabia and North Africa, the camel was the most important means of payment. This is why they are respected if you own a lot of camels. Only a human is more valuable than a camel, because the latter was used as currency. To this day, the practice has persisted in some parts of the world. In this regard, we refer to a camel calculator. To this end, an application in the form of a game makes it possible to estimate the value of a person in camels.

How to apply a camel calculator?

At the time, many countries in the Middle East determined a person’s worth. Only a rich man with several camels could have any importance. In this regard, many men have asked themselves the question about their value and that of their girlfriend. To this end, web developers have reacted and created a camel calculator. It’s fun entertainment in the form of a quiz to determine a person’s worth. Although this distraction is facetious and should not be taken seriously, it is only based on appearances. As a result, it is a program powered by information.

Furthermore, you just need to browse the Web and do a Google search to find value in camel. Depending on the settings made by the developers, questions must be answered and the calculator will do the rest. The elements mentioned are age, height, skin and eye color, hair length and physical constitution. However, this quiz should not be taken seriously, it is indeed a game for fun. Anyone browsing certain sites sooner or later comes across an application on the value of the camel. It’s a game that is becoming more and more important.

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