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Flawless Finish: Expert Paintless Dent Repair Services in Minnesota

A little history

Paintless Dent Removal or “  DSP  ” is a so-called “  rapid ” bodywork or “  lacquered sheet metal ” technique that requires very specific know-how. “DSP” techniques began to emerge around fifty years ago in the workshops of General Motors in Detroit in the USA and at Fiat in Turin.

At that time, this technique was used “internally”, at the end of the chain, by bodybuilders to repair small deformations in the sheet metal on new vehicles. 


The DSP makes it possible to limit the immobilization of a damaged vehicle and avoids puttying and painting. It allows you to repair several types of dents on vehicle bodies: door knocks, shopping cart knocks (projectile: ball, stone, pine cone, chestnut, etc.) impacts and damage due to hail


This innovative technique requires specific training lasting several weeks and certain expertise. The Technician straightens the impact by applying multiple pressures (up to 300 pressures for a dent the size of a golf ball  !) to the back of the dent until it completely disappears. Thanks to his dexterity which allows him to push the dent from the inside, the Technician works to the nearest half millimeter using very specific tools specially designed for this work. This technique therefore requires a clever mix of dexterity and dosage of strength so as not to burst the paint and varnish. Given that sheet metal and paint have elastic properties, the art of the trade consists of “playing with pressure” with these two parameters without exceeding the limit!


 Very short intervention time  : from 15 to 30 minutes for an intervention on an impact on a door to a few hours to repair a hailed vehicle.
Since the intervention time is short, the vehicle downtime is also short.
The repair takes place on site

The technique preserves the original paint , its qualities are therefore preserved (several different shades on the same vehicle). The finish of the work is therefore perfect because there are no bodywork defects.
The cost of repair is approximately 40% lower than traditional bodywork .
The 100% ecological process respects environmental criteria: cold machining without the use of chemicals (primers, sealants, paint, solvent) and no energy consumption.

Here, through these explanations, are the advantages linked to “DSP”. Nowadays, this technique is more and more widespread in Europe and in France in particular. This paintless straightening technique is no longer used only by manufacturers. Companies specializing in this service export this know-how to insurance companies, expert firms, rental companies, transporters, in short throughout the Automotive Sphere.

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