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Reddit’s Community Wisdom: the Best Deals for Cheapest Auto Insurance 

Are you undoubtedly looking for quality, inexpensive Reddit’s auto insurance? Prices vary from one insurer to another, it is essential to carefully select car insurance including guarantees adapted to your profile. Find out how to save money and choose the cheapest contract by comparing our car insurance.

How to find cheap auto insurance?

There are different levers to pay for cheaper car insurance.

Vehicle model and age

These are determining factors used by insurance companies to set the price of your policy.

Thus, certain brands are cheaper to insure because they are less exposed to theft and/or easier to repair.

Our tip?

Before buying your new car, select several models and use our online car insurance comparator to determine the amount of your premium. This is the best way to find out which car is the cheapest to insure. Then, it’s up to you to choose the car to buy or the cheapest insurance.

Choose cheap car insurance adapted to your profile

Low-budget car insurance

To pay less for your car insurance, it is better to buy a used small engine than a recent car!

In fact, the more recent the vehicle, the more it will be equipped with electronic equipment that is complicated to repair yourself without the help of a mechanic.

In the event of a breakdown, you will therefore have to go to a garage, which involves significant repair costs.

Young driver

Have you just got your driving license? As a young driver , we advise you to choose an older, less powerful car. The chosen brand is also important. Avoid cars appearing in the ranking of “the most stolen cars in France”. Because it is a criterion used by insurance companies to calculate the amount of your premium.

Following these tips will allow you to save money by limiting the amount of your insurance contract as much as possible. This is an important point when we know that in any case, your premium will be increased significantly since you are a young, beginner and still inexperienced driver.

Eco-friendly vehicle

Some insurers reward eco-responsible driving or owners of vehicles equipped with security systems: geolocation devices, driving assistance, reversing cameras, etc. They therefore offer policyholders driving particularly clean or safe vehicle contracts that take these elements into account at competitive prices. Depending on the insurance company, driving an electric or hybrid car equipped with safety systems may be a solution that allows you to lower the price of your contract.

Which insurance to choose?

Your only obligation? Choose car insurance that includes “Civil Liability” coverage. Better known as third-party insurance, this contract protects third parties from damage caused by your car.

Attention! If you purchase this coverage, you will not be protected if you are injured.

Our advice?

Choosing the contract (“All risks”, “Extended third party” or “Third party” insurance) based on the age, type and value of your car allows you to reduce the amount of the insurance package. For new vehicles or vehicles less than 2 years old, it is better to take out “All Risks” insurance and be sure to be covered in the event of a loss or accident, whether responsible or not.

Is your car more than 2 years old but less than 8 years old? Take out “plus” third-party car insurance.

This formula includes additional guarantees more or less numerous depending on the age of the vehicle (theft, broken glass, fire, etc.) which allows you to be protected without exploding your insurance budget.

Car insurance per kilometer

If you drive little, you are less likely to have an accident than a driver who spends his days behind the wheel. Most insurers offer per kilometer insurance which can save you up to 15% on the price of your insurance.

These reductions take different forms:

  • A more advantageous rate if you don’t use your car to get to work
  • Flat-rate packages, which commit you to not driving more than a certain mileage per year (5000 or 8000 km for example)
  • Billing per kilometer, which requires the installation of a box in your car.

Connected car insurance

Offer reserved for young drivers, those who have not driven for 3 years or parents wishing to insure their child, connected car insurance allows you to reduce the car insurance premium by up to 40%.

To benefit from it, simply install a box in your car and drive well. Every month, if you have driven well, we will reimburse you part of your insurance premium.

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