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Everything you need to know about the professional training baccalaureate

Preparing for a future career in the world of work requires a good choice of training. Obtaining a Bac Pro (Professional Baccalaureate) is among the many options available to students. Currently comprising around 100 specialties linked to various fields, this course alternating periods of internship and courses allows you to obtain a qualifying diploma in 3 years. Here is everything you need to know about your Bac Pro Formation.

Access to professional diplomas

The Bac Pro constitutes a level IV diploma delivered in France, opening the doors to the professional world more quickly to students. It provides them with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to practice their future specific professions. Learners thus acquire solid professional know-how in their field of study in addition to general knowledge. This training is accessible after a CAP (Professional Aptitude Certificate) or 3rd grade.

The specializations in Bac Pro are numerous and the fields diverse. Learners must think carefully about their professional training baccalaureate before deciding. They may just as well want to practice professions in industry as in agriculture. Tertiary sector professions (personal service, accounting, commerce, etc.) are also a very popular path. It should be noted that these specializations evolve quite regularly to meet the needs of businesses. Then, certain diplomas offered have a dual status. This includes the Bac Pro Landscaping and the Bac Pro Sales Consultant Technician in food products.

A multitude of options

As part of a Bac Pro, students must alternate course periods with a presence in a company. They do 18 weeks to 22 weeks of internship spread over their 3 years of training. During the 2nd year class, everyone is asked to select a professional family from ten proposed. Then, in 1st grade, comes the choice of specialty and profession. Regardless of the branch chosen, the learner follows general courses, such as English, general culture and mathematics. They will be supplemented by professionally-oriented lessons.

A Bac Pro Formation can generally be completed initially. You can prepare it within a professional high school, with internship periods. You can also choose alternative.  Work-study Bac Pro courses are offered in CFAs (Apprentice Training Centers) and in MFRs (Family and Rural Homes). However, you can study some diplomas remotely if you cannot work or travel.

A whole range of opportunities at the end of training

Allowing you to train in one or more professions, the Bac Pro provides real employment prospects. Numerous opportunities have been noted for those relating to the industrial sector, crafts and personal services. Companies favor profiles with specialized skills. They are also looking for people who already have professional experience acquired through work-study programs or internships.

Pro baccalaureate graduates can also choose to continue their training. This is to obtain a higher level of skills or specialization. For example, they opt for a specific sector allowing them to acquire a BP (Professional Certificate). This is also valid for a BTS (Higher technician certificate) or a BTSA (Higher agricultural technician certificate). To these possibilities are added a course at university or preparation for longer studies.

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