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How to electrify your bike?

With the evolution of current modes of travel which take into account the environmental impact of the vehicles used, the bicycle presents itself as an essential choice. This is a means that does not require the use of fuel. By adding an electric bike wheel, it becomes even more interesting because it combines performance, versatility, and economy. But you need to know how to electrify your bike because it is an operation requiring special techniques. Here is more info.

Cost of bicycle electrification

A few years ago, converting a bike into an electric bike was expensive. From now on, it is entirely possible to find kits like an inexpensive electric bike wheel on the market. Despite inflation, this operation is worth half the price of buying a new electric bike. Additionally, almost all current models can be electrified.

In France, a new bicycle with an electric motor is sold for 1,500 euros. For high-end versions equipped with high-performance batteries, the price can climb up to 3,000 euros.

And yet, electrifying your bike with an electric bike wheel costs around 700 euros. This is a mid-range model. For very high-level kits, the average price is 1500 euros. All this leads to saying that electrification is much more interesting, especially for people on a tight budget.

How to proceed?

Installing a bicycle electrification kit is a process within everyone’s reach. Usually the kit always comes with assembly instructions. It is also possible to find tutorials for this operation on the internet. In general, the motor must be fixed either on one of the two wheels of the bicycle for an electric bicycle wheel, or at the level of the crankset. With a screwdriver and screws provided by the manufacturer, everything can be done in just a few moments.

People who do not want to do the assembly themselves or who do not like to DIY can call a professional. Most sellers also have technicians who are available to carry out the assembly.

How to maintain the electric bike wheel?

To make your bike last after converting it into an electric bike, it is necessary to maintain it well. This is an operation that must be done regularly. After and before each outing, it is always necessary to clean it. It is also essential to frequently check whether the cables and connectors are in good condition. If there are any signs of wear, they must be repaired or replaced immediately.

The brakes are also part of the equipment to be seen up close regularly. Among the most important elements are the grooves on the brake pads that are in contact with the rim. If they appear to be very worn or damaged, replacement is essential.

The condition of the tires should also be checked as well as their pressure.

And if the bike is not going to be used for a long time, it is best to remove the screens and battery. This allows them to be better preserved.

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