Designer: here is the tool you need to draw (without a computer)

Are you a designer? So, you have probably already heard of graphics tablets! If you don’t know what it is, I’ll explain.

What is a graphics tablet?

A graphics tablet is a tool for designers, animators, or illustrators so that they can draw digitally. It’s a sort of black surface on which you will place your stylus which will replace the mouse.

It’s a particularly convenient medium because drawing with a mouse isn’t a good idea. It is better to opt for a graphics tablet. The line would be much more precise. But did you know that there is a range of graphics tablets that work without a computer?

Why choose a graphics tablet without a computer?

classic graphics tablet requires a connection with a computer. This can be a good thing because there are a multitude of applications on PC that are very intuitive and powerful. But some can do without a computer. These are called standalone graphics tablets.

They work like a touchscreen tablet to which we add the stylus which will allow us to draw. Thanks to their touch screen, you can rotate or move the illustration with your fingers and sketch with the stylus.

The 3 best standalone graphics tablets

Here is a short ranking of the 3 best standalone graphics tablets based on price.

Ipad Pro & Ipad Air

The iPad Pro (or Air) is an excellent compromise between a touchscreen and a graphics tablet. If you already have one, all you will be missing is the Apple Pencil which allows you to transform this Apple product into a real autonomous graphics tablet. Thanks to its Retina screen and the Apple Pencil 2 capable of charging on the side, the iPad is a good alternative to graphics tablets without expensive computers, like the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro .

Magic Drawing Pad

The Magic Drawing Pad from the XP-Pen brand is a high-performance touchscreen tablet, much cheaper than the iPad Pro. But what sets it apart is that it is designed entirely for drawing digitally. The Xp-Pen brand specializes in the sale of graphics tablets. With more than twenty different products, she knows a thing or two about digital drawing. The Magic Drawing Pad is equipped with a high-resolution screen, as well as an ultra-precise stylus with more than 16,843 levels of line pressure.

Huion Kamvas Slate 10

Here is a graphics tablet that works without a computer, and which is completely affordable in terms of price. It is perfect for beginners in digital drawing, and comfortable for fans of this type of technology. The interface is intuitive because we find the Android operating system, as well as several free applications. The screen is in full HD and transcribes the colors well for digital painting .

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