An electronic cigarette for company employees: nothing but advantages!

It is a fact that the majority of employees in companies are smokers. For reasons specific to each individual, many employees in a company actually start smoking, regardless of their position. And it must be said that smoking is a risk to everyone’s health. To limit the consequences of smoking as much as possible, there is a solution available to you: offer electronic cigarettes to your employees. Advantageous in a multitude of ways, e-cigs are a way to help your employees quit smoking. If you are not yet convinced, these few lines will certainly change your mind. Follow us to find out everything. 

Electronic cigarettes help improve employees’ health

 According to the World Health Organization, more than 40% of active smokers will die before the age of 60. And yet, they form the pillars of the company in terms of experience and responsibilities. But still, tobacco consumption can cause the premature death of several employees before their retirement. To remedy this type of situation, the electronic cigarette greatly helps to preserve the health of your employees. Unlike the combustion of products contained in tobacco, the vapor generated by an e-cig is indeed without major danger to the health of vapers. Not to mention that the vapor obtained from the electronic cigarette is not likely to affect the respiratory tract, the sense of taste and the sense of smell of the user. Finally, this solution is a valuable aid in the process of quitting smoking. 

Electronic cigarettes to optimize the social climate in companies

 As a manager, do you want to promote health at your company level? Be an actor involved in the health and life of your employees by taking care of your brand image. At the same time, become a corporate citizen that plays a key role in the fight against cancer and other diseases related to tobacco consumption. By taking the time to implement a company policy based on the protection of non-smokers, you can also claim a more pronounced reputation and an optimal competitive advantage. Also make sure to avoid conflicts between smokers and non-smokers as much as possible. Enough to greatly improve the social climate in the workplace. For information, smoking has some harm on the social cost caused by active and passive smoking. The proof: more than 76% of French people say they are bothered by smoke. To tell you that the use of electronic cigarettes at work is more than appreciated. The reason being simple, this solution allows you to avoid conflicts in addition to optimizing your image with the competition. 

Electronic cigarette affects company productivity

 Tobacco prevention is also a real economic issue for a given company. By switching to electronic cigarettes, you will be able to reduce the absenteeism rate of your smoking employees, which is 50% higher than that of non-smokers. This is explained in particular by the fact that men and women smokers are more prone to illness and require more medical care than those who do not smoke. 

Switching to vaping is also a way to reduce the costs associated with tobacco use for a company. These typically include costs related to sick leave, property damage, maintenance and cleaning costs. 

Improving the productivity of the company is also possible thanks to the electronic cigarette. For information, a smoking employee costs about 16 days of work and nearly 3,000 euros per year on average to his company. It is even noted that smoking employees are much less productive because of their fairly frequent breaks in addition to being less concentrated at work. Moreover, those who smoke are more subject to road risks and diseases. 

Also in this vein, note that vaping helps reduce the risk of fire and the possible deterioration of equipment in companies. According to a study, smoking is the cause of more than half of fires in the workplace. 

In short,  the electronic cigarette  is an effective device in improving the productivity of a company’s employees. Not forgetting to emphasize that this alternative to the classic cigarette allows you to limit labor costs, modernize your professional approach and much more. On this, do not wait any longer to offer the electronic cigarette to your employees and take advantage of this advantageous option.

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