Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer

Things last longer when you take care of them, and that’s the case with cars. Something that may seem silly at first can turn into a real problem. Even harming the safety of your vehicle, while also being an additional expense.

Here are our tips to make your car last longer:

Respect the maintenance of your car, it hurts to spend money in the workshop, but the revisions are vital to increase the longevity of your car. Do not neglect to change the oil, filters or other fluids. This small investment in money and time will always be preferable to having to pay for a repair.

Do not drive with tires in poor condition or without pressure, as this not only poses a serious safety risk, but also causes tire deterioration earlier than expected and increases fuel costs.

Do not drive with the car in reserve, this causes the fuel pump to be unprotected, unlubricated and to heat up.

Do not start the car “flat out”, accelerating without waiting for it to warm up gradually, it is advisable to accelerate gradually.

Do not drive aggressively, acceleration causes unnecessary waste of fuel and tires. Also, at high revs, the engine can “over-regulate”.

Do not brake too much, i.e. using the brakes too much, as this causes wear on the brake pads and discs. Do not overwork the brake pads and shoes, it is much cheaper to replace them than to replace the brake discs and drums.

Take care of the clutch, do not mistreat it, it works by friction and excessive use deteriorates it. Avoid putting your foot on it unnecessarily.

Always pay attention to the warning lights, deal with the problem as soon as possible. Sometimes the warning on the dashboard can be a sign of a serious problem.

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