Why get a bachelor’s degree in tourism?

With the explosion of the internet, consumer habits have changed on many levels, including the way they organize their vacations. Before setting off for a destination, travelers look for good deals to enjoy an unforgettable stay at a lower cost. This is where the expertise of travel agents is often sought. If you are passionate about travel and are looking for ideas to fully live your passion, while making others happy, consider doing a bachelor’s degree in tourism. This article offers you some reasons to choose this direction after your baccalaureate.

A diploma sought after by recruiters

Accessible after the baccalaureate, the bachelor is a diploma recognized by the French State. Equivalent to the license, it is obtained after  three years of study . As a concrete and professional training, the  Bachelor Tourism  enjoys a  good reputation  among specialized companies. Indeed, faced with the always strong demand, travel agencies are looking for  qualified profiles  to meet the requirements of travelers. For recruiters, the bachelor in tourism is a  serious guarantee and skills acquired  during demanding training. If you hold this diploma, you have more chances of quickly obtaining a  rewarding job .

Many opportunities at the end of training

During your training in a  tourism school , you will learn to  analyze tourist markets  and  design interesting commercial offers  to meet travelers’ expectations. Indeed, thanks to the concepts learned, you will be able to effectively manage e-commerce offers and carry out comparative studies. With a bachelor’s degree in tourism, there are many opportunities. Depending on your desires, you will be able to practice your profession in France or abroad.

Whatever your choice, you are sure to enjoy real professional fulfillment. Indeed, tourism jobs are diverse and varied. Depending on your professional project, you can work as:

  • travel companion;
  • responsible for tourism development;
  • responsible for tourism analysis;
  • assistant to the director of the tourist office;
  • tourism product manager;
  • etc.

Please note that these professions are carried out in more or less different settings, namely:  online travel agencies ,  physical travel agencies ,  travel operators ,  hotel groups , etc. 

Fascinating studies

In France, there are many tourism schools where you can follow a path to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Make sure you choose an institution that is renowned for the  quality of its courses  and that also issues  state-recognized diplomas . Without these two elements, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for you to assert your diploma on the job market.

In order to offer the best support to their students, schools like Atlas Institute offer the possibility of following a  work-study program  from the third year. This is a way of helping students to put theoretical learning into practice within a company.

If you want to give your career an international orientation, this is a good idea. However, make sure to choose a school that has  recognized international accreditations  such as  AACSB ,  EQUIS , etc. Before enrolling, check if your institution offers stays  abroad  during the training. In addition, your tourism school should offer the possibility of taking courses  in English  throughout the curriculum or at least during the third year of your training

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