How to best furnish a modern living room

When we furnish our home, we pay particular attention to the living room, so that it becomes the ideal setting for pleasant moments in our daily lives, a space of relaxation and conviviality to be enjoyed in complete freedom, even in the absence of guests.

It should be beautiful to look at, comfortable and welcoming to live in.

The modern style lends itself well to this interpretation, requiring clean, square lines but not lacking in character. The essentiality of the furniture is favored, even in the presence of large spaces, to leave the room airy and bright.

The sofa, protagonist of the relaxation area in the modern living room

The place of honor goes to his majesty the sofa, the beating heart of the activities, placed in the center of the room it gives him an immediate feeling of welcome.

A nice corner sofa, with a soft and comfortable appearance, will wrap us like in a warm embrace, enriched with soft cushions, in soft colors, light or pastel tones, preferably in nubuck or soft fabric. There are also modular models with peninsula or chaise longue to adapt to less spacious spaces.

Ultimately, the sofa, whether central or against the wall, more or less large, remains the undisputed protagonist of the living room. The relaxation area can be delimited by a large rug, in a color that matches the context or with a few touches of color to liven up the whole.

The evolution of the library

Another impressive piece is the library. Culture is always in fashion, and it evolves, like the very concept of the library, which lends itself to thousands of possible interpretations:
it can occupy an entire wall, 

create corners between two or more walls, 

adopt suspended module solutions, or custom bookcases built into the wall.

For all solutions, it is possible to alternate open compartments and closed compartments with wooden, glass, sliding or folding doors, or to give part of the space to objects alternating with precious volumes.

Modern style requires objects with very stylized shapes, square or even rounded, but always very refined and minimalist.

In this way, you can add color and personality to the room. The ethnic style can also fit into a modern context.

The TV space

Technology is part of this context with ultra-modern, very thin, picture-like televisions to hang on the wall, especially the very large ones. It is also possible to place them on low bench-type bases, to make room for game consoles and to complete the wall decoration with shelves or wall units arranged according to particular symmetries.

Essential accessories in a modern living room



Plants, flowers and frames

The ideal lighting for the modern living room is the most current, with LED lamps, made with spotlights or wall lights, or by means of suspensions, with two or more elements, with linear or futuristic shapes.

In the sofa area you can place a floor lamp, a floor lamp model, arched, embracing the entire area, or more discreet and linear with a very essential line.
In a modern living room, natural light plays a fundamental role. When choosing curtains, it is good to take this into account and bet on light and impalpable fabrics, in light colors and consistent with the style:

sliding panel curtains,

the curtains of packages,

roller shutters.

It is better to avoid classic-style gathered curtains.
A touch of green will make the room lively and harmonious; place a medium-sized green plant in favor of light.

For a more colorful effect, we can create, with the support of our usual florist, a composition of branches and artificial flowers in a large vase to place on the floor.
On the walls, we can hang a giant colorful print or a photo that is close to our hearts 

The arrangement of a modern living room meets simple and somewhat schematic criteria. Nostalgic or other kinds of contamination are not allowed, as was the custom in the past.

It is therefore essential to personalize as much as possible all those details where personal taste and the need to feel the warmth of the environment predominate.

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