Mobile Bar: A Stylish Accessory!

The situation we are experiencing has forced us to improvise all the bartenders and prepare tasty cocktails and appetizers in the living room of our homes.

And, let’s face it, the charm of a drink sipped comfortably on your sofa is priceless!
For this reason, a good furnishing idea for our living room could be the  Mobile Bar  ! 

How to choose a bar cabinet

A bit in the wake of Hollywood suggestions from the 20s, a bar cabinet will give your living room a sophisticated and sometimes cinematic air.§

The goal is to improve the aesthetics of your home while making it more   user  -friendly and suitable for welcoming guests  . But how do you choose the right  mobile bar  for your spaces?!

Certainly, you will have to start by measuring the actual space at your disposal and then decide on the style that you like best: in keeping with the rest of the furniture or, on the contrary, breaking with it, as an element of contrast.

You can also dare to go for avant-garde design or opt for a retro 60s style, perhaps with an attached jukebox. Not to be overlooked is the aesthetic impact of  high stools  covered in leather, with steel structure, typical of 50s America.

The bar cabinet fits well into  industrial or Scandinavian style furniture  , but there is no shortage of examples made with new eco-responsible materials, decorated with LEDs and experimental decorations.

Another aspect to consider is whether or not to leave  bottles and glasses in sight  , depending on your taste, the preciousness of your selection, but also your ability to keep everything in order; downstairs you can create the appropriate space for a small mini bar.

Finally, lighting is very important: LED to enhance the quality of the bottles or provided by street lamps to create an atmosphere! 

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