How to choose your Bluetooth headset

Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers have decided to remove the 3.5 mm jack from their devices. As a result, users who like to listen to music are turning to Bluetooth headsets. It is very appreciable to be able to use a headset in nomadic mode, however there are a lot of references available on the market. You just have to go to French reseller sites to face hundreds of models. The future buyer quickly gets lost. This is why we have created this guide which will allow you to find your future wireless headset. Below you will find the criteria that must be taken into account to make your choice.

The type of use

There are different models of Bluetooth headphones available on the market. They all have their own features and technologies. So you will have to make your choice according to your use. For example, if you are the type to listen to your music for many hours in a row, it will be better to turn to a headset that has a good battery life (the most enduring models offer up to 30 hours of use). On the other hand, if you want to be cut off from ambient noise while listening, you will need a Bluetooth headset with active noise reduction. This technology (called ANC) cancels external sounds so that the user can find themselves in a musical bubble.

The sound signature

When we listen to music, our ear is subjected to three types of frequencies: bass, midrange and treble. Depending on the Bluetooth headset, the sound signature will be different. If we had to be precise, we would say that it is rather according to the manufacturer. For example, the American manufacturer JBL is rather known for offering renderings that accentuate the bass (which pleases fans of US Rap, electro and HipHop).  Audio Power  specifies that it is preferable that the sound signature is balanced, because like that the Bluetooth headset is able to transcribe a good sound with any style of music. The quality of the speakers also plays a role in the sound rendering. However, manufacturers do not always specify the types of transducers that are integrated into the earpieces.

Les codecs audios

There are different Bluetooth codecs that allow the encoding of the digital data stream. Of course, they do not all offer the same degree of compression and therefore the sound is not equal in terms of quality. The two standard codecs are SBC and AAC. If you want better sound quality, you will have to turn to the LDAC developed by the Japanese giant Sony or the aptX and aptX HD codecs from Qualcomm which allow good transfer with little loss.

Noise reduction

As we mentioned above, active noise reduction (ANC) allows you to capture ambient sounds and cancel them out. This is a really effective technology if you want to be cut off from the outside world while listening to music. Of course, its performance varies from one Bluetooth headset to another. Currently on the market, the high-end models from Sony and Bose are the most satisfactory. Thanks to this technology, external noise is reduced or even completely inaudible. The effectiveness of ANC differs depending on the Bluetooth headset, but generally it is mainly engine noise that is attenuated.

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