The low cost brand Realme

The smartphone market is becoming more and more competitive and yet new brands are still emerging. Realme is a Chinese brand that appeared on the market in 2018. The first marketing soil was made in June of the same year and the model was the Realme 3 Pro. Since then, the brand has released several smartphone models that directly compete with Xiaomi models. It immediately stood out thanks to the good quality/price ratio of its devices.

The Realme brand belongs to the BBK Electronics group

Some may wonder how such a young brand can manage to finance such an expansion? It’s very simple, this brand belongs to the Chinese multinational BBK Electronics. The smartphone brands present in the group are Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and now Realme. Suddenly it has the resources to be able to develop nationally and internationally.

On paper, the brand wants to be independent, but it still shares a lot in common with the brands of the BBK group. In particular, the ColorOS overlay found on Oppo smartphones and the VOOC fast charging technology. After that, it’s not really surprising since Realme smartphones are produced in the BBK group’s warehouses.

Why release this brand?

Smartphones from OnePlus, Oppo and Vivo are selling very well around the world, so we are entitled to ask ourselves the question: why launch a new brand? With Realme, the multinational BBK Electronics wants to attract young users. In fact, its slogan is quite simply: “proud to be young”. Given its prices and its vision, the brand is competing with two other Chinese manufacturers: Honor (a brand affiliated with the Huawei group) and Xiaomi. These competing brands both offer very good smartphones at unbeatable prices. As a result, Realme wants to make a place for itself among smartphones offering good value for money. And the least we can say is that it is succeeding.

Currently its catalog consists of the relame X2 Pro, relame 5 Pro, relame X2, relame 5 and relame 3 Pro models. Their selling price varies between 169 euros for the lowest-end model and 399 euros for the highest-end. The brand offers attractive prices, but in addition the performance of its different smartphone models is not left behind. The high-tech specialized press has given almost 4 stars out of 5 to most of the models. We benefit from good performance for an affordable price. Enough to satisfy all the people who do not want to spend thousands of euros to acquire a mobile phone.

The Future of Realme

Users are perfectly satisfied with the brand’s products. Just go to the various reseller sites and look at the comments to understand people’s feelings and enthusiasm for Realme smartphones. What is certain is that given its results and the appeal of the public, the brand will continue its expansion. It has already announced future 5G smartphones and the release of its own overlay. We will have to wait a little while before it is ready, but ColorOS will indeed be replaced. What is appreciable is that Realme is close to its community, just like OnePlus does. The future of this new Chinese brand will be very positive if it continues to release high-performance smartphones with attractive sales prices.

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