Suitcase kit, which one to choose for traveling with the whole family?

Choosing a suitcase set for a trip with the whole family is not an easy task. Here we try to give you some tips to help you make the best choice.

In fact, going on a trip always requires a bit of organization and the choice of the right travel companions, such as luggage sets, essential accessories… If you are looking for a set of hard suitcases of different sizes, a proposal to consider carefully could be one of the many Carpisa luggage sets. These are wheeled luggage sets capable of guaranteeing lightness and resistance to shocks.

How to Choose the Best Luggage Set

Even though the summer holidays are still a long way off, it’s always a good idea to plan your next trip. Why not start by thinking about which luggage set to buy? No matter what type of holiday you enjoy, whether you’re relaxing on a deckchair by the sea or hiking on mountain trails, it’s easy to imagine that you’ll need to pack your clothes and belongings into a suitcase. Of course, depending on how many people are going with you, one might not be enough.

So here’s how to choose the best suitcase and trolley set.

Suitcase or trolley?

The evolution of design and the convenience of transport have had a profound effect on the shape of the suitcase, which over the years has gone from being a horizontal object to be moved by the strength of the arms alone to an essentially vertical object, equipped with a handle and wheels to facilitate transport. The change has been so radical that the suitcase has even changed its name, becoming the trolley for everyone. The best brands therefore offer trolley sets in many variants that differ considerably in terms of materials, rigidity, price and dimensions.
The latter are aspects that must absolutely be taken into account, as they often affect the amount of clothes and objects that can be placed in the suitcase and its overall dimensions. If you travel often by plane, for example, you should choose a small trolley, taking into account the size of your hand luggage, so that you can carry it with you in the cabin. On the other hand, if you have a large family, the comfort of a very spacious model should be preferred.

Flexible or rigid

As we have already mentioned, the material in which these products are made is another differentiating factor, which essentially defines two different categories: rigid models and flexible models.

Rigid luggage can be made of polypropylene or Abs, two materials that combine great strength and resistance to knocks and shocks. These characteristics make them models suitable for air travel, where luggage is particularly exposed to falls and must be treated with special care. Carpisa luggage sets are also made of this material, which protects the contents of the trolleys by minimizing the risk of breakage of the objects inside. On average, they also have much larger dimensions and, if we compare prices, a higher cost.

Soft trolleys, on the other hand, protect their contents less well but offer greater versatility, as they can be stored more easily in places where space is limited, such as in the trunk of a car.

Travel safely

If you don’t want to part with your suitcase during your trip, you may not need to equip it with a protection system. On the other hand, if you have to load it into the hold of a plane or train, you may want to consider a solution that guarantees its security.
Among the best-selling models on the market, there are trolley sets that incorporate special locks, ranging from classic key locks to digital combinations, including TSA locks, a special protocol that simplifies the work of American airport staff, who are also authorized to force the suitcase to check it.
To close the table of elements to take into account before choosing a set of suitcases, there is the composition of their interior: the presence of compartments such as the bottom where you can put shoes or slippers, pockets, straps that keep clothes in place are all added values ​​that make trolleys more pleasant to use.

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