10 good reasons to choose a Windows tablet over an Android

If you are not satisfied with the screen size of your smartphone and you don’t want a laptop, the tablet is the ideal companion. However, if you are hesitating between a Windows tablet and an Android tablet, here are 10 reasons to choose a Windows tablet .

More choices with Windows

Windows tablets offer a huge variety of choices, making it simple to find an accessory suited to individual needs. Which is even more true when it comes to screen size. Although there are also several Android tablets, many of them are cheap knockoffs.

Choosing a Windows Tablet as a Docking Station

Android tablets do not have enough options for connecting the device to a docking station. Although they have USB ports and an HDMI port for some, they do not offer a very practical method as is the case with Windows tablets.


The majority of Windows tablets come with one or two USB ports suitable for using portable hard drives and other peripherals. Although this is also the case with Android tablets, the downside with this point is the security risks, which are higher.


Yonis Shop is an online store where you will find original Windows tablets. Whatever your budget, the store helps you find the tablet that best suits your needs. Thanks to your Windows tablet, you will have access to classic applications, desktop applications and old Windows applications. You will also have a tool optimized for the Office suite .

Access to different versions of Windows

Windows continues to release new versions of its operating system. Having a Windows tablet will therefore allow you to have access to it and benefit from the various improvements.

The multitasking aspect

Windows was originally designed to run multiple applications at the same time. Even though Android can do it, it doesn’t do it as well as Windows. Choosing a Windows tablet will allow you to run all proprietary and old applications in parallel.

Several programs

Since Windows 8.1, you have the ability to run multiple programs from the tablet screen at the same time. Having more than one program on screen at the same time is only possible on some Android tablets.

The collaboration

Windows-specific work tools are better shared and can be run entirely on Windows tablets. The OS also has its own image search engine to facilitate collaboration between teams.

Quality tablets

Windows tablets are quality work tablets. They make great travel companions and provide a very productive experience when it comes to working with a stylus.

Pen support

Several Windows tablets offer pen support, at least as an option. It is integrated into the heart of the operating system and makes the tablet easier to use. Very few Android tablets offer this option, hence the importance of choosing a Windows tablet .

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