Why you should choose a battery electric chainsaw?

Constant advancements in electrical and battery technology have led to significant improvements in power tools like chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc. One of the reasons some homeowners are more comfortable using power tools is that they are less noisy, less polluting and require minimal maintenance.

Battery-powered electric chainsaws have thus proven to be more efficient and more reliable for small jobs than their gasoline counterparts. Here are some reasons to choose a battery-powered electric chainsaw .

A portable and easy-to-use tool

Unlike corded electric chainsaws which can only be used within a limited radius around an outlet, the battery-powered electric chainsaw can be carried anywhere. Handy and practical, they allow you to work with complete freedom of movement, even in large gardens.

This means you won’t run the risk of tripping over the extension cord. They are also easy to use compared to gas chainsaws. This is because they do not use a fuel mixture and have far fewer controls.

We thus note the absence of starter, decompression valve, accelerator trigger, etc. Getting started is simple and instantaneous. Additionally, as they do not have a motor, there is no risk of motor flooding and maintenance does not need to be too specific.

Less maintenance

Small engines are notoriously finicky and sometimes require expensive maintenance over the years. This is especially true if you make the common mistake of leaving fuel in the engine during the winter. For the average homeowner, transporting, mixing and storing fuel is dangerous. It also requires more time and energy than mounting a battery in an accessory.

Obviously, winterizing your equipment can alleviate problems, but over time, engines simply have more parts to wear out. In other words, a battery-powered electric chainsaw requires less maintenance than a gas-powered chainsaw.

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Choosing a silent and environmentally friendly battery-powered electric chainsaw

It’s true, the other good reason to choose a battery-powered electric chainsaw is its quiet nature. Unlike models equipped with two-stroke engines, battery chainsaws allow you to work in public or private environments with less disturbance from neighbors or passers-by, although there are schedules to respect.

In addition to making very little noise, they guarantee the same performance as gasoline chainsaws, with a lower environmental impact. So forget about excess smoke and the discomfort caused by annoying vibrations. By choosing a battery-powered chainsaw, you will be able to comfortably maintain your green space and have a beautiful garden while preserving the environment.

What if the battery dies while you’re pruning? No problem, just replace it or plug the device into the nearest power source so you can continue tending to your garden without wasting time.

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