How to choose the right arcade machine?

You are a true enthusiast of retro gaming games. You were lulled by video games like Street Fighter or Pac-Man throughout your childhood. You still remember that time in high school when you couldn’t help but detour to the local arcade to treat yourself to a game, even if it meant missing a meal or a train. Real nostalgia! However, it is still possible to rediscover your gamer feelings and the pleasure of gaming that marked your youth. You can install an arcade machine in your game room or living room to relive your best years of youth. However, with the multitude of arcade machines on the market, finding the one that best suits your needs can be difficult. Discover in this article tips and tricks for successfully choosing your arcade machine.

Why choose an arcade machine at home?

The first motivation of players who want an arcade machine at home is to taste again the sensations they experienced on video games like Pac-Man for the older ones or even Metal-Slug for the younger ones. At a time when the internet was just a sweet dream, these video games were the ideal pastime for sharing a friendly moment with two, three or four people in the many game rooms that abounded in Europe and elsewhere.

Even if most of these legendary games have been adapted for PC or home consoles, the sensations experienced in front of an arcade game terminal are irreplaceable. If they are aimed more at nostalgic players, arcade machines have also won over a younger audience by playing the card of innovation and modernity . Most models today have a state-of-the-art Full HD monitor and a high-quality stereo sound system . They offer optimal playing comfort.

How to choose your arcade machine?

That’s it ! You have decided to take the plunge and treat yourself to an arcade machine to spend evenings like the old fashioned way. However, with the large number of arcade machine models on the market, finding the one that best meets your expectations can be a difficult task. To quickly find your way, it is possible to use an arcade terminal comparison. However, to avoid regretting your purchase, it is good to follow a few recommendations.

First of all, be sure to take into account the use you want to make of your arcade machine before choosing a model. For example, if you want to combine nostalgia and modernity , it is preferable to opt for a model that can accommodate a modern game console (PS4, XBOX, etc.). Also, the design of the terminal is an aspect that should not be overlooked. For a more complete pleasure, do not hesitate to opt for personalization of your terminal . You can add your touch by defining your graphic theme in the colors of your favorite film. You also have the possibility of putting a headphone jack, joysticks or even silent buttons.

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