Why choose a steam power plant?

Have all your friends been won over and seduced by the steam power plant? For you, doubt persists and a slight hesitation makes you hesitate between the traditional iron and a latest generation steam generator. And at the same time you ask yourself: what is the point of using a steam generator? Is the device so different from the classic iron? What are its advantages? To help you make a decision and take stock of the subject, discover with us everything you need to know about a steam generator.

Why use a steam generator?

The family is growing and your ironing load is increasing day by day. Piles of clean clothes pile up in the laundry room. And you’re deliberately looking for a way to finish all that ironing in record time. Of course, your iron remains your best ally. But there is also another solution that is much quicker and more efficient: a steam generator.

This device helps you deal with that mountain of wrinkled laundry. It is foolproof and powerful in reducing even the smallest creases to nothing. It cuts your ironing time in half. You then manage to save money and limit your efforts, also to obtain optimal time savings to think more about yourself.

How does the magic happen?

The device works on the principle of a boiler which instantly heats the liquid. Water raised to a high temperature turns into steam. This mechanism creates high steam pressure, conducted and regulated by the iron. So, every time you press the trigger, a powerful jet of steam comes out from the sole plate of the device.

This additional force dissipates creases quickly. You don’t have to pass the plate several times over the same place. A single pass is enough to smooth the surface of the garment. It is even possible to process several layers at once.

So what are the advantages of using a steam generator?

They are particularly numerous. Here are some examples to help you make your choice.

1. The steam generator promises to save time

Equipped with exceptional features, this machine saves you long afternoons of ironing. A classic iron requires you to go over a specific area several times. It will take you a few minutes to work on a shirt or blouse. A steam generator is powerful. It removes several folds in one stroke. The intense steam that emanates from the structure removes the toughest creases.

Additionally, newer models tend to heat up quickly. You no longer have to wait for a few minutes to start the job. In 30 seconds, your machine is ready.

2. The steam generator adapts to all fabrics

High-performance, this tool is ideal for working with household linens. No matter the material, you will obtain optimal results. Whether it’s thin or thick fabric, you won’t have difficulty removing wrinkles. The classic model has a manual control mode that allows you to adjust the steam pressure according to the quality of the fabric. You reduce the sauce when operating on fragile, heat-sensitive clothing like nylons. And on the contrary, you add power for stubborn creases. You will have no problem removing wrinkles from duvets or comforters. This variable pressure control makes it suitable for all toilets.

The most recent models come with a thermostat which automatically adjusts the steam power according to the type of laundry. This effective solution saves you the hassle of changing modes each time you take another linen.

3. The steam generator provides professional ironing

The result obtained with this device differs far from that of a classic iron. The steam acts directly between the fabric meshes without condensing them. No moisture spreads on the surface of the laundry. On the contrary, the dry steam that emanates from the device draws out all the remaining moisture and smoothes the structure at the same time.

Clothes treated with an iron cool down again and after a few minutes. While a central one gives you an unparalleled finish, and the fabric maintains its impeccable appearance for hours to come.

4. The steam generator remains practical

It is this practicality that makes the charm of this technology. Indeed, equipped with a removable tank, it is possible to recharge the device while working. Simply open the valve and pour in liquid. The sole plate is not glued to the structure. It is connected to the power plant via the pipe. This protects you from burns and other incidents.              

Also, the use of the machine is very wide. You can use it vertically, on the ironing board. You can also use it horizontally and directly on the garment mounted on a hanger. This technique is ideal for ironing your blouse or for refining the details of your suit.

5. The steam generator is easy to maintain

Major brands provide their products with an “anti-limescale” function. This system prevents congestion and massive deposition of limestone inside the structure. You then do not have to manually clean the product.

The article does not require you to resort to other expensive accessories. You just need to pour liquid into the tank and you can start work.

6. The steam generator is easy to handle

The structure of the product makes it ergonomic. Of course, the central unit is often bulky. It takes up space. However, you don’t have to move it throughout the job. You treat the laundry directly with the iron. As this iron is dissociated from the base apparatus, it becomes lighter and more malleable. Your ironing sessions become less tiring. You can even say that the material slides on its own.

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