Everything you need to know about solar self-consumption

Thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels, you will be able to produce your energy and thus reduce your electricity bills. You will be able to move towards solar self-consumption, which represents a large number of advantages.

An installation of self-consumption solar panels for resale

When you want to know more about solar self-consumption , know that you can first of all have photovoltaic panels installed in order to benefit from partial self-consumption. This means that you will use part of the energy that you will produce and the surplus will be sold to an electricity supplier. However, to allow you to consume the energy that you will produce, you will need to have a storage area. This comes in the form of a battery in order to quickly make your installation profitable and become practically completely independent in terms of solar energy production. But, it is also possible for you to completely resell your production produced by your solar panels. However, faced with constantly rising electricity prices, it is currently preferable to choose the option of solar self-consumption. This will indeed allow you to make big savings on your electricity bill.

The different advantages of solar self-consumption

If you want to benefit from solar self-consumption, you will be able to benefit from numerous advantages on a daily basis. First of all, your electricity bills will be significantly reduced thanks to the consumption of your own green energy production . In addition, you will make a profitable investment over the lifespan of your solar panels (around 25 years). Without forgetting that you will be able to generate additional income thanks to the resale of your surplus production. You will also enjoy greater independence from the home network. Your home will be managed by green and healthy energy. Finally, you will be able to benefit from various public aid in order to make your installation profitable with the aim of producing green energy.

Aid for solar self-consumption

Various state aid may be granted to encourage you to produce and use green energy. You will first be able to benefit from the investment bonus for self-consumption solar panels. This bonus is paid to the owners of a photovoltaic installation by EDF OA Solaire over five years. Please note, it can only be applied to installations whose power does not exceed 100 kWp and it allows you to benefit from a kWh resale rate at a fixed price. In addition, your solar panels will have to meet certain installation standards. My Renovation Bonus is a brand new bonus that replaces the Energy Transition Tax Credit (CITE) since 2020. Hybrid systems that are capable of producing electricity and heat (such as hybrid water or solar panels) aerovoltaic) will allow you to benefit from this assistance. Modulated according to your income, this bonus can represent significant financial assistance. Other aid at the regional and even municipal level may be granted to you, in order to encourage you to produce healthily.

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