What are the different types of soil?

When you are in the process of building or renovating a property , you must at some point ask yourself the question of the nature of the floor that you are going to lay. This seemingly innocuous decision is nevertheless very important. Indeed, modifying an existing floor is very restrictive. Unlike walls which can be repainted endlessly, a floor must be laid to last at least ten years. In recent years, there have been more and more innovations in materials. The lifespan is longer and installation is easier. Whatever the case, always choose your floor according to the constraints of each room. For example, the entrance which is very dirty and which can drain soil and humidity can be made with tiles. You won’t necessarily put the same type of flooring in a bathroom and a bedroom…

The different types of soil

– tiling: still widely used, tiling is generally installed in the entrance, kitchen and bathroom. Easy to clean, it is also durable. They come in all sizes and for all styles.

– parquet: it can be solid, laminated or laminated. The choice will be made according to the room, the budget and the installation.

– PVC: fashionable material, it is very strong and durable and pleasant under the feet. It can be installed in slabs or strips.

– natural coverings:  rush, sisal, coconut fiber are interesting for children’s rooms and are low in harm to health.

–  renovation of old floors: it is entirely possible to renovate old floors. For example, you can use epoxy paint for your garage floor  or if you want an industrial look in your kitchen.

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