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Welcoming Biodiversity Into Your Garden: How To Do It?

You certainly already know this, but we have daily practices that prevent biodiversity from developing in our garden. However, there are different ways to encourage its installation. Why take a closer look at it? Quite simply because an ecological garden has many advantages. This makes it possible to bring together a healthier place, but also more pleasant for your crops. To discover without further delay how to welcome biodiversity in your garden.

How to take care of hedgehogs in your garden?

Some people say they regularly have hedgehogs in their garden. First of all, know that this insectivore is very useful for your garden: it will come and chase away all the small creatures that could harm the development of your crops. He is even nicknamed the gardener’s friend, which says it all.

Knowing this, it would be a shame to chase it away from your exterior. On the other hand, you have the means at your disposal to support its installation. For example, leaving wood and dead leaves in a corner of your garden encourages hibernation.

Don’t worry, hedgehogs are completely harmless to humans. Furthermore, they are protected animals which play a very important role in biodiversity. Every year, many hedgehogs are killed by cars, lawnmowers, or heatwaves. So be vigilant.

For mowers, you just need to take a walk in your garden to check that no living being is in the path of this machine.

Regarding the heatwave, if you see a hedgehog in broad daylight, take it quickly to a wildlife care center. They are nocturnal animals. This may be a sign of poor health.

How to have a garden favorable for the arrival of birds?

It must be admitted, that observing birds in your garden is a very pleasant pastime. During the summer season, it’s even the opportunity to take beautiful photos.

These animals have the advantage of being satisfied with their environment. They adapt easily to the presence of humans and the different arrangements they can make. This is why it is not uncommon to see them on the fences or your table. of garden.

To welcome them into your garden, you can position nest boxes. Be careful, these must be high enough so that cats cannot reach them.

During heatwaves, you can also strategically place a bowl of water so that they can cool off.

What about insect hotels?

Insect hotels can seem disgusting at first glance. Indeed, if we don’t appreciate little creatures the idea can seem staggering. However, auxiliary insects help maintain your garden.

Welcoming biodiversity into your garden requires consideration of all living beings, including insects. The latter participate in pollination and fight against parasites.

Certain species of insects are in decline, which is completely disrupting the food chain. By installing an insect hotel, you are helping to improve it.

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