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Skin Types: How To Recognize And Treat Them

Knowing your skin type is necessary for anyone who wants to choose the ideal cosmetic to apply to their face. The skin is a fundamental part of our body, both because it distinguishes us as individuals (each person has a different skin type), and because it protects us from external agents (atmospheric or chemical) . In this article, we discover all the skin types (with associated remedies) and what causes can lead to a change in skin.

The 4 main skin types

Below we analyze the 4 main skin types, specifying their characteristics and the best remedies: 

Normal skin

This skin type is, in a certain sense, considered to be the ideal skin type that everyone should have, as it features a fair and dewy complexion and the face appears smooth and smooth to the touch. This type of skin is hydrated and allows excellent microcirculation, appearing luminous and without any imperfections. It is difficult to find adults with normal skin, because this type is mostly found at prepubescent age. For this type of skin, it is recommended to use products that help maintain the dermis in an ideal condition.

Oily, impure and acne-prone skin

Oily skin is a difficult skin type to treat. To the eye it appears shiny and, in most cases, with enlarged pores and blackheads. In this specific case, sebum (which the skin normally produces to create a protective film) develops excessively, which can sometimes lead to the development of the much-hated pimples. Most of the blemishes created are caused by excess sebum that remains deposited inside the enlarged pores along with toxins and dirt accumulated during the day. Comedones are another characteristic appearance of this type of skin in this case the excess sebum oxidizes upon contact with air, creating the solid compound and the blackhead inside the pore. To treat it best, it is necessary to use products that contain targeted ingredients for the care of this specific skin type:

  • Creams to combat oily skin
  • Masks against oily skin

Dry skin

Dry skin is characterized by various problems, including:

  • The inability to retain moisture/water, causing it to evaporate and consequently leaving the skin dry;
  • Peeling in drier areas;
  • The sensitivity that is created around her;
  • Inflammation that creates in the driest areas (especially at low temperatures).

To best combat this problem, it is necessary to use types of cosmetic products that can replenish moisture. You can find what you are looking for on the senshacosmetics website. 

  • Creams for dry skin
  • Masks for dry skin

Mixed skin

Combination skin is certainly one of the most difficult skin types to treat. The latter is represented both by the characteristics of oily skin on the forehead, nose and chin and by dry skin in other parts of the face. To best treat combination skin, it is necessary to use particularly suitable facial cosmetics, with compositions that ensure the care of the oily part and the treatment of the dry part:

  • Creams for combination skin
  • Masks to combat combination skin

Other types

In addition to the 4 main skin types listed above, there are other conditions in which dermis can be found, below is a short guide:

Sensitive skin

As the word itself suggests, sensitive skin is a particular type of skin known for its complete intolerance to any type of external chemicals or atmospheric agent. The first layer of skin (the one that serves as protection) has been compromised and for this reason, each application becomes annoying for the skin itself, reddish and white with irregular spots. To find smooth and healthy skin, you must be careful not to use chemical agents, but rather delicate ingredients that restore the regular pH of the skin:

  • Creams for sensitive skin
  • Masks suitable for sensitive skin

Mature skin

This skin type is different because mature skin develops in almost all people, as aging is a regular phase of the life cycle. To help the skin fight against the formation of wrinkles, imperfections and sagging, you should use cosmetic products containing natural ingredients and promoting the development of slowed skin proteins:

  • Creams for mature skin
  • Masks for mature skin
  • Serums for mature skin

baby skin

A child’s skin is very delicate and is more sensitive than that of adults. It has a finer epidermis, contains less melanin, a lower PH and a tendency to blush more easily. It is a type of skin that has weak immune defenses against bacteria and external agents. It is necessary to use very delicate cosmetic products for children’s skin and take care of it as carefully as possible:

  • Face creams for children

Skin for men

Men’s skin is different from women’s because it has a greater concentration of collagen fibers, greater thickness and better development of the skin.  It is a type of skin that produces more sebum and has more pronounced dilation of follicles; this leads to a predisposition to the development of impurities and pimples. In general, men tend not to use facial cosmetics, which could damage the dermis and lead to faster aging. For this skin type, the application of suitable cosmetic products is recommended.

Causes of skin type changes

As explained previously, the skin presents itself in different forms, varying from one subject to another, depending on many aspects or causes. Below we find out what are the main factors that lead to the formation of different skin types:

  • power supply type
  • sport and movement
  • apply cosmetic products or use medications
  • hormonal imbalances
  • pregnancy
  • type of protection against UV rays
  • protection against external chemical agents and atmospheric agents

It is essential to keep your skin clean, hydrated and smooth through a good facial cleansing and beauty routine. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, we always tend to neglect our facial skin and then find ourselves having to struggle to rebalance our pH.

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