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Tips for unclogging a clogged pipe

Blockage is one of the most common pipe problems! It obviously causes the ducts to be blocked, but also brings out bad odors. Many tips demonstrate methods to solve this, but when the conduit is clogged in deep places, we can still encounter difficulties. This is why this guide offers you all the tips you need to treat the engorgement problem from A to Z. 

Identify the causes of pipe blockage 

If you are having a lot of difficulty clearing a blockage in a pipe, why not look for solutions to avoid it? You must therefore first identify the causes, and even if the problem is already present, you can avoid it in the future!

Use tools necessary to unclog the pipe 

The main useful tool for unclogging a pipe will be the suction cup, but the blockage must not be too large for it to be effective. This will involve blocking your water outlet with a cloth and pouring a little water into the pipe. It will then be necessary to move back and

forth until the waste flows back

The second ideal tool will be the “ferret”. It is also an effective solution for unblocking. These include a flexible rod made of metal, with a small brush at the end. The idea will be to be able to reach the level of the cork and to perform rotational movements and thus release the cork. The ferret is in principle equipped with a crank to facilitate its use. After completing this step, remove the tool to let the water flow. The ferret is used for a large volume of blockage, so if there is no result,

you will eventually have to call a plumber. 

Clogging of pipes can be avoided as mentioned above! This will only require small, usual actions to avoid all these problems. When it comes to the sink, make sure to always pick up small food scraps. For the sink and shower, collect your hair after washing it. Also use small metal screens so that nothing can pass through the pipes except water. 

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