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How to store desserts and pastries?

If you want to keep the taste of desserts and pastries, you need to know preservation techniques. They keep their freshness by storing them differently depending on their textures.

You can use a refrigerator for some foods and for others you don’t need one. So please check out the best ways to store desserts and pastries in this guide.

General method of preserving desserts and pastries

All foods of this nature generally need to be kept in a closed container. This also works well with aluminum foil. This is an essential step before considering an All For Food cooling cell for a refrigerator or an ambient environment.

The advantage of this way of packaging

desserts and pastries is that neither their taste nor their freshness escapes, much less their texture. Also note that it is the ingredients used in the creation of your desserts and pastries which determine the conservation methods. As an illustration, certain textures such as soft,

dry cakes and cream-filled cakes are preserved with aluminum foil.

Depending on the ingredients, you will also see that certain foods can be kept for just one day after preparation. On the other hand, other desserts and pastries are kept for more than 15 days without any change in terms of freshness or taste.

Storing desserts and pastries in the refrigerator

Before putting desserts and pastries in your All For Food blast chiller , it is strictly recommended to use an airtight container or aluminum foil. If this is not done, the mixture of odors with other available foods may alter the taste of each dessert or cake. Here are some desserts and pastries you should keep in the fridge:

Method of preserving desserts and pastries made with pasta:

Desserts and pastries made with sugar paste

Sugar paste very often solidifies in a humid place or in a low temperature environment. So it would be a bad idea to store this kind of food in a refrigerator. The decoration and even the taste will be affected. The solution remains to put your food in a dry and cool environment, contained in an airtight container.

Storage of desserts and pastries in an ambient environment

Some foods are not resistant to humidity, which is why we found it important to suggest this method of preservation. The ambient environment at 18 degrees temperature corresponds better to pastries without cream and dry.

You simply have to place them in aluminum foil.

Then place them in an airtight cupboard. In this case your pastries always keep their freshness even after several days. And above all these foods must be out of reach of drafts.

Finally, desserts and pastries are not difficult to store. You just have to follow the instructions we have mentioned in this guide. And you will no longer have to worry about the question of storing desserts and pastries.

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