The Place Of Street Furniture Today

Public space is today a symbol of every city which serves not only to guarantee the comfort of residents, but also to attract visitors. Aware of these more than capital functions that public spaces fulfill, municipal authorities continue to undertake development projects with a view to always offering a unique urban landscape. At the center of these development projects are public facilities, irreplaceable in today’s urban landscape.

Public furniture and its importance

Public equipment, also called street furniture or public furniture, is all objects installed in public spaces which offer a given service to all users of a public site.

Among the most common urban furniture are public benches, tables and other furniture that can allow residents to rest for a moment even in public squares. In addition to rest furniture, public furniture also extends to trash cans and other sanitation tools in the city and extends to the multiple lighting equipment that litters the streets.

If it was once considered purely from a functional and sometimes aesthetic point of view, public furniture has today transcended its initial role.

To begin with, public furniture is now expected to blend in with the decor and enhance the landscape through its mere presence. Urban furniture must therefore absolutely have an aesthetic touch to be installed today

Added to this need for aesthetics in public facilities is a change in their very nature. If urban furniture was once installed to meet an apparent need of populations, its function today also covers less essential needs. Indeed, installing a bench in a park was based on people’s need to sit, get some fresh air and rest in a suitable setting. Today, it is necessary to consider the placement of a play area, public sports equipment or street basketball courts for the satisfaction of the population.

Faced with its growing needs, the design and installation of public furniture can no longer be taken lightly. The installation of furniture intended for public use is very often assigned to municipal authorities, but it can also happen that companies and other private individuals organize the installation of public furniture.

How to preserve street furniture?

The importance of urban facilities today raises new concerns. Particularly regarding the measures to be taken for their maintenance. Since the objective of urban planning is to improve the quality of life and the attractiveness of the city, seeing these instruments deteriorate and lose their charm would be worrying.

The most obvious response to this problem is to ensure the maintenance of urban facilities. To do this, using the company responsible for their installation is the most recommended choice. It will be much easier for them to assess the condition of this equipment and make the necessary decisions.

The greatest threat to public furniture, far from being natural degradation, is the misuse that local populations sometimes make of it.

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