Common Plumbing Problems

When it comes to home or office plumbing, minor problems can always occur or in the worst case emergency where prompt assistance from a professional plumber is required.

The most common plumbing problems

For each type of inconvenience that may be presented to us, there is the correct form and method to carry out said arrangement or repair. The advice of an expert plumber is always recommended, you should not make rash decisions, just to try to save a few euros, as this could make the problem worse.

Tank or pipe problems

Checking and repairing broken pipes is a priority because it is almost certain that a very serious leak will occur. Additionally, wasting water can impact service reception.
It is essential that a plumber is responsible for the installation and maintenance of tanks and filling systems, as it is much cheaper than a bottle of water in the long run.

Problems with heating

We always recommend the hand of a heating expert when it comes to electrical faults, gas leaks, heater malfunction or if you need to replace an important part of it.

Dripping faucets

It is not uncommon to find leaking faucets in other people’s homes, public toilets, or suddenly appearing in the home, as these faucets use synthetic materials that wear out over time. Also like drip pipes, a dripping or leaking faucet can affect your water bill.

Clogged toilet

Toilets can become clogged due to waste paper that does not dissolve easily in water. A clogged toilet is not pleasant, do not despair and try several methods to resolve it by using a solvent or a ferret inserted into the pipe to remove the solid object.

Yellowish or brown spots

Yellowish or dark colored stains on the walls are very likely to be a leak. These stains usually appear particularly in rooms adjacent to or below bathrooms or kitchens. Regardless of the severity of a leak, it is essential to stop and repair it as quickly as possible, because within a few hours average filtration can cause serious damage to structures and walls.

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