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Guide to successfully installing a lock

Do you ever do a little DIY at home? Build a small chicken coop for example without calling on a mason, try to repair your radio without relying on a qualified repairer or even install your lock on the door yourself instead of calling a locksmith. This is the kind of challenge we often embark on. And sometimes it is at our own risk. There are certain tasks which suggest a certain ease in the exercise but which nevertheless require a technical subtlety that only professionals seem to master. This is the case with lock installation . However, if you are one day tempted to install your lock yourself, here are some tips that could guide you .

The necessary tools

First of all, know that installing your lock by a professional remains the best solution. But with a little practice and time you should get there. To install the lock, here is a set of tools you will need: hammer, drill, screwdriver, tape measure, file, scissors and pencil. 

Installation guide for surface-mounted and recessed locks

The first part concerns the box: go inside your bedroom , office or kitchen and close the door. Place the plate at the bottom of the door and mark the path of the cylinder. Then you use the screws to attach the plate.

Then you mount the lock: for this case, you will go outside then pass the cylinder through the hole you have drilled and fix the lock using the screws. And to finish with the receiver box: close the door, trace the location of the box and insert it into the hole located in the doorframe then secure it with the screws.

Unlike surface-mounted lock installation, recessed lock installation is more difficult. We start by tracing the location of the box on the door niche then determine the location to drill which will constitute the focus of the lock. Then, mark the future holes to drill. Place the box in the housing and screw. 

Finally trace the location of the receiver box then drill the holes corresponding to those of the lock and hold it using the screws.

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