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Why Adopt Residential Home Automation?

Residential home automation refers to electronic and electrical technology based on the networking of domestic equipment to be able to control it remotely. This system offers many advantages in terms of convenience, comfort, safety and energy consumption.

Great practicality

Home automation provides, above all, increased convenience to users. They have access to different functions from a single control center. On the one hand, they no longer have to travel or make efforts to operate the equipment when they are present in their home. On the other hand, they can even control devices remotely via a dedicated mobile application.

This is particularly beneficial for people who are frequently away from home. Residential home automation also represents an important revolution for people with reduced mobility and the elderly.

A significant time saving

Being able to control home equipment remotely saves users a lot of time. A simple gesture at a digital interface is enough to activate home devices.

Furthermore, connected homes equipped with the latest innovations in residential home automation are equipped with intelligent functions. The control unit includes an option that saves the parameters most frequently defined by the user. Thus, the device assimilates the lifestyle of the occupants of the home and activates the functionalities of the devices based on this data. The user therefore intervenes less and less and thus saves more time.

For example, this technology allows the automatic switching off of lighting and heating followed by immediate activation of the entire security system as soon as the occupants exit and close the door.

Infallible security

Home automation applies to the home security system. In particular, the user can control and configure their entire monitoring device remotely.

The system sends an alert notification to the user’s mobile as soon as the detectors detect suspicious activity. The user has the possibility to connect to the device to obtain images on their mobile. He can even hear sounds, or even communicate with intruders or visitors if the device is equipped with an audio system.

The most recent connected security systems include several pieces of equipment such as:

  • a smoke detector,
  • a glass breakage sensor,
  • a motion detector,
  • an opening detector: anti-intrusion door and window sensor
  • a specific program that allows you to control locks remotely.
  • This equipment provides optimal security for residents.

An economical solution

Home automation allows the user to turn heating and lighting on and off remotely. The user therefore has the possibility of completely turning off the equipment in his absence and then turning it back on when he returns.

It thus optimizes its energy consumption while benefiting from optimal comfort.

It is absolutely recommended to seek the services of a specialized professional for the supply and installation of the system. This ensures that you can benefit from all the advantages of residential home automation.

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