Wood Is Trendy !

With general awareness of the current state of the environment, fashion designers are offering more and more natural, eco-responsible and organic creations. Consumers, for their part, have a thirst for natural products and want to return to things that are more respectful of the planet. Update on the current trend.

Wooden accessories for a return to nature

You are surely aware that fast fashion occupies the second place of the most polluting industries in the world. Cheap, it is often so to the detriment of the little hands who work hard during the design. Fortunately, more and more ethical brands are popping up on the market to improve the situation, both for the world and for workers at the other end of the chain.

Eco-responsible and ethical fashion

Today, fashion lovers, designers and consumers are increasingly turning to natural materials. In fact, everyone is embarking on eco-responsible approaches by favoring fair trade. Thus, designers in the world of fashion encourage an ecological commitment through their creations by offering qualitative and sustainable pieces. Natural and/or recycled materials are used and actions aimed at supporting certain countries economically and ecologically are carried out.

Wood fashion in the fashion sphere

The current trend is for fashion accessories carved from wood or made from this material. Online retailers like The Wood Stock offer several eco-responsible references to fashion addicts. Men and women are spoiled for choice from bamboo and straw bags, sunglasses, rings, watches and wooden cases.

Wooden fashion accessories: what are the advantages?

Wood is featured on your fashion accessories and you can opt for pieces available online to enhance your looks. This material is very popular in the fashion world, because wood is recyclable and has a low environmental impact .

The advantages of wood used in fashion

The world of fashion is one that reinvents itself every day and designers are constantly looking for new materials to bring a breath of fresh air to their collections of accessories, bags, clothing, etc. Wood is a noble material that allows you to design original creations.

It also responds to consumers’ need to preserve the environment through ethical consumption. This material also makes it possible to create original pieces such as bow ties, watches and many others.

More ethical fashion with wood

More and more designers are abandoning leather and animal furs to turn to plant-based materials, which are healthier for the environment and more ecological. Offering wooden fashion accessories supports customers in their desire to consume better on a daily basis. Wood also provides access to sustainable resources to create new models of trendy accessories in addition to limiting the use of environmentally unfriendly materials.

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