The Best Platforms For Learning A Foreign Language Online

Nowadays, learning a language can be done entirely online. Dozens of applications are available and all offer you lessons to progress in any language! Discover in this article the best learning platforms on the market.

Take online language lessons with AmazingTalker

AmazingTalker allows you to take online lessons adapted to your level. You can in fact contact certified teachers to obtain personalized lessons. Around a hundred languages ​​are present on the platform and all learning is done entirely online, which allows you to adapt your working hours to your personal schedule. The advantage of AmazingTalker is that it only accepts qualified tutors, whose skills are previously verified. You can choose your teacher, browse the Curriculum  Vitae , contact them by private message before starting the lessons… If you take an English teacher for example , each lesson lasts 25 to 50 minutes and reduced rates are applicable, especially for the course test. This platform adapts to ages, so it is also possible to teach children, in order to offer them incomparable quality of learning.

Learn with Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most well-known platforms when it comes to learning a language. Created in 2011, the application brings together dozens and dozens of languages ​​to learn through entertaining lessons and thanks to which you collect points after each exercise done. Duolingo offers you learning that works on listening, speaking, reading and writing. The system teaches you by making you apply essential grammar and vocabulary points by highlighting the points with which you had the most difficulty. You will be able to have access to as many languages ​​as you want at the same time: English, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, Dutch, Danish, Chinese, Turkish, Russian … The application also helps you set a time objective to respect on daily application!

Discover cultures with Tandem

The principle of this application is quite different from classic applications. The goal is actually to help you meet people who come from the country whose language you want to learn. By interacting with users whose native language is your goal, you immerse yourself not only in the language, but also in a cultural exchange. It’s a fun and original way to learn and practice while meeting new people from the other side of the globe. The application includes 10 million users whose profiles you can browse, look at their interests, etc. On this application, you can share your Webcam content for vlogging in a foreign language, for example.

Review with Memrise

In the same vein of fun learning, Memrise offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a working method that will give you “superpowers”. The latter works with a system of memory cards, the aim being to learn five new words per day. You also have access to short videos shot by native speakers themselves, as well as different learning modes depending on the time you have available (classic revision, accelerated revision)… Different revision sessions are also offered to you under form of multiple choice questions, listening, writing, etc. On this app you can learn English , Italian, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Russian .

Learning a language with an application is now possible: so don’t hesitate to develop new skills by taking lessons or learning on your own!

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