How to become a specialist lawyer?

The world of law is a fairly vast sector but one that requires specific skills. Since the areas of expertise are varied, specializing is essential to practice in the world of law. To do this, several possibilities are available between the masters 2 offered by universities and faculties and those offered by law schools. What is the difference ? Which branch of law to choose? What are the possible outlets? Response elements.

Specializing in law requires a master’s degree

Law is a broad enough field with many specialties. However, if you plan to work as a specialized lawyer, you must be trained via a Master 2 work-study course in a law school , or in universities and state faculties in full-time training. In any case, the possibilities are varied:

  • Master 2 in business law;
  • Master 2 criminal law;
  • Master 2 labor law;
  • Master 2 social law;
  • Master 2 in business criminal law;
  • Master 2 tax law;
  • Etc.

This list of specialized Master of Law training courses is not exhaustive and whatever your current status, you can access it.

Choose a law school

The configuration of the working world allows you to be in office while being trained. It is therefore possible that in your company, you are assigned to the law department and wish to specialize in order to access higher positions of responsibility. Either you are responsible for a real estate consultancy firm , and you find it wise to acquire the skills of a lawyer in real estate law. In these specific cases, it will be a question of training you in a work-study master’s degree in law, a type of training that a law school is better placed to give you. Generally, universities and law schools operate full-time. Their schedule does not always allow a professional to combine his profession and training. On the other hand, at the Paris Law School, for example, you have the freedom to take a work-study course in the master’s degree in law of your choice.

The advantages of following a work-study master’s degree in law in a school are numerous. The number of students is small and allows the teachers, all professionals and practitioners of law, to take each student into account. Beyond theoretical courses, work-study training offers practical lessons and allows students to transcend theoretical knowledge of the laws to become familiar with the reflexes of the professional world.

Becoming a specialist lawyer: what opportunities?

The work-study Master 2 in law done in a school with all the legal specialties that it offers, first allows you to acquire skills in your current job in order to access another level of responsibility. You can also be recruited in various jobs as a lawyer in: personal law, litigation law, private law, insurance law, commercial law, intellectual property law, tax law, etc. Today, both individuals and businesses need specialized lawyers to avoid falling through the cracks of justice and to ensure that their daily actions are aligned with legality.

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