How To Choose Your Exterior Blind?

An exterior blind helps protect your terrace from the sun’s rays. Certain criteria must be met when purchasing this equipment. Discover the tips for choosing your motorized awning !

Consider your needs

To choose your exterior blind, take your needs into account . You must first define the surface area of ​​the terrace to cover. This delimitation must be done carefully and skillfully. Indeed, the orientation of the sun’s rays can change trajectory daily. It is therefore up to you to know where you want to have shade under your terrace.

Determine the dimensions of the exterior blind

Delimiting the dimensions of the exterior blind to choose must take certain elements into account. First, you need to set the height. This must not hinder the closing or opening of the bay window shutters or windows.

Regarding the width, it can be fixed according to your budget and your layout desires. Conventionally, the width of an exterior blind measures on average 3.5 meters. However, it is recommended to add 100 cm at the openings. This allows you to extend the protection to your interiors.

Opt for an exterior blind made with the best technology

The blinds are made with a tendoscopic frame or with articulated arms . You must choose the technology by focusing on the dimensions of the blind. Also, you must consider the location of your house and the orientation of your exterior . In order for your blind to last a long time, its frame must be large. It can thus better combat bad weather.

Consider the quality of the awning fabric

Exterior awning fabrics exist in several qualities. The choice must be made according to the geographical area in which your house is located. The type of awning fabric to choose must also be aesthetic . Indeed, this accessory must contribute to the decoration of the house . Acrylic or polyester models are the most recommended.

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