Integrate wine coolers into your open space kitchen

Open space kitchens have become common in contemporary homes. Both practical for saving space and user-friendly, these central living rooms reinvent the architecture of our homes. Incorporating a wine cooler adds a touch of elegance to this trendy living space. When it is well integrated, it adds a decorative touch and offers easy access to wines in this sharing space. Here is a complete guide for choosing and integrating this unique equipment into your open space kitchen.

Why integrate a wine cooler into an open space kitchen?

Integrating one or more wine coolers into an open space kitchen has many advantages, both practical and aesthetic. Unlike a traditional wine cellar, they allow direct and easy access to the bottles from the main living space. No need to go back and forth to a dedicated room, the wine is now within reach.

Beyond its functional side, quality wine coolers like those from caveavinshop bring a decorative and friendly touch to the kitchen. Their rows of bottles visible from the room create a pretty window effect that makes you want to receive and share a good drink. In addition, the majority of current models combine elegant design and trendy finishes to fit harmoniously into an interior.

How to choose the right wine cooler model?

To choose the ideal wine cooler for your open space kitchen , several criteria must be considered. The first concerns the capacity in number of bottles which must perfectly correspond to your real needs in order to optimize space in the kitchen. The dimensions of the model must also be compatible with the planned location, whether in a low piece of furniture or under a work surface.

Style and finish are also important for successful integration into the kitchen. Coolers with a black or stainless steel “frame” front easily match various ambiances. For total concealment, recessed versions are a very discreet option.

Finally, for more versatile use, it is better to favor dual independent temperature zone models. They allow red and white wines to be stored simultaneously in ideal conditions. Other options such as sliding shelves, the anti-vibration system or the reversible glass door also facilitate daily use.

How to install a wine cooler in an open space kitchen?

To easily install a wine cooler in an open space kitchen, you have several steps to follow. First, it is important to position the device at an ergonomic height which greatly facilitates its daily use. Ideally, you should aim for a mid-height door opening to avoid having to bend or stretch.

Then, in the case of recessing under a worktop or in a low piece of furniture, providing sufficient clearance is essential. A ventilation space of at least 5 cm above is recommended for optimal air circulation. The door must also be able to open smoothly over a 180° angle.

Finally, to better enhance your installation, a few aesthetic elements can make the difference. An ambient LED lighting system, for example, will nicely showcase the bottles once the door is opened. Playing with the finishes and the covering of the cooler also allows you to perfectly harmonize the cooler with the rest of the kitchen.

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