Park and Square: here’s how to equip public spaces for families

Do you want to install a park or a square in your city? These natural places are places of conviviality which provide a haven of peace. This kind of pleasant moment where families enjoy a moment away from all these buildings. A unique opportunity to take a break surrounded by nature. If you’re wondering how to equip public spaces for families, we’ll tell you everything!

The importance of street furniture in your public spaces

If you want a place for the public to relax , we invite you to integrate street furniture into your green spaces . You can offer relaxing armchairs and connected benches so that users can enjoy the view while charging their phones. Installing an HPL garden table under a tree is an opportunity for a picnic with friends or family . Enough to make the most of a moment of conviviality. To ensure a clean place, we advise you to equip public spaces for families with trash cans. Strategically placed, these will guarantee you a clean place where life is good. You can also opt for connected trash cans which allow you to remotely assess their fill level. This way, your trash cans will only be emptied when necessary, saving you numerous trips by maintenance vehicles. In addition to conviviality, your public spaces will then be part of an eco-responsible approach.

Invite families to exercise

According to an expertise from the National Health Security Agency (ANSES) made public in February 2022, 95% of the French population lacks activity and/or remains in a sitting position for too long. This represents a certain risk of deterioration of health. This is why it becomes important, even essential, to install multi-sport areas in order to encourage families to exercise. If you don’t have the space to install basketball or football courts, you can always install play areas for children to exercise and fitness trails to encourage people to do more of exercise.

In addition to making your green spaces more attractive, this will help preserve the health of the residents of your city. A solution not to be overlooked.

Equipping public spaces for families with modern urban furniture

Apart from sporting activities, you can offer cultural activities. In fact, you can place tables dedicated to chess lovers or board games . To ensure greater comfort for families, you can opt for relaxing seating such as hammocks or deckchairs to provide an ideal garden . Some will then be able to play while others will be able to enjoy a well-deserved nap or read a good novel, after a very appetizing picnic.

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