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Telescopic swimming pool shelters: discover the different models

The joys of swimming are pushing more and more homeowners to invest in a swimming pool . A promise of freshness in summer, a companion to your sports sessions or a simple relaxation refuge, the are the most inclined in Europe to invest in a private swimming pool. There are more than 2.5 million in the country!

Jump into the water but not just any way

This considerable number of private pools in France is not the result of chance. The country of Molière benefits from significant purchasing power and a favorable climate. Although swimmers are generally not of a cold temperament, owning a swimming pool requires regular maintenance. The telescopic systems offered by professionals, for example Aladdin swimming pool enclosures , make it possible to avoid regular emptying of the swimming pool due to the accumulation of foreign bodies in the pool.

This saving of time and energy is not negligible. Especially since the water in the basin can be stored much longer, which generates substantial savings in the medium term. Furthermore, enclosing the swimming area guarantees maximum safety for children and pets.

A telescopic swimming pool shelter for everyone

Depending on the objectives of the installation, different models of telescopic shelters are available on the market. Review of details.

Flat swimming pool enclosures

The flat swimming pool enclosure is the most discreet solution for securing a pool. With a height of less than one meter, it fits perfectly into the environment without distorting the garden or terrace. Its moderate weight allows stress-free and almost instantaneous use.

The proximity of the surface of the shelter to the water allows it to heat the pool very easily. Thanks to it, it is possible to increase its temperature by 5 to 10 degrees! This property offers the possibility of extending the use of the swimming pool for up to 4 additional months .

In addition, its small size guarantees minimum space requirements . If the available space is limited, this solution will allow children to play around the pool in complete safety. A major asset for such a small installation.

Low shelters

Low swimming pool enclosures have the same characteristics as flat enclosures. Rapid heating of water, guarantee of safety and minimum space requirement. Here again, the modularity of its structures ensures easy movement of the different parts composing it.

Low shelters equipped with wheels allow even easier deployment of the panels. Indeed, sliding rails tend to become clogged quickly and cause long-term problems. Especially since cleaning them is relatively difficult.

Polycarbonate panels are the most recommended. In addition to their foolproof solidity, they protect against UV radiation and create a greenhouse effect conducive to water heating. Without forgetting their lightness. Unrivaled comfort of use.

High and semi-high shelters

High and semi-high shelters  are the Rolls-Royce of telescopic shelters. They offer all the safety guarantees of smaller shelters, extending the life of your swimming pool while maintaining a significant aesthetic aspect.

Their real strong point lies in the possibility of swimming in all weathers. In pouring rain, the water will remain crystal clear and warm as desired. They allow you to change under the cover of its panels for maximum comfort of use.

The high pool shelters , with their unrivaled width, even offer the possibility of receiving guests under its protection . Its coping will become your new reception room!

Telescopic shelters offer certain added value to your home plot. In addition to being a place of conviviality and sharing, your swimming pool, decorated with a beautiful garden, will allow you to spend happy days in complete safety. And for a long time!

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