What does the product development manager do?

The main role of the product development manager is to support the design and development of new product concepts. He works in different sectors, such as aeronautics, and is sometimes referred to by other names, such as business development manager or business strategy manager. When you do this job, you collaborate more with the marketing teams.

The main missions of the product development manager

One of the main missions of the product development manager is to find new opportunities in the market and bring in new customers. The objective is to contribute to the development of the company. It is good to note that this professional operates under the responsibility of the general manager, marketing director or sales director.

The development manager is also responsible for carrying out an in-depth study of the markets in order to advise the adoption of new products. He also approaches new partners with the aim of developing the company’s turnover. It’s an interesting and useful job,

Additionally, the  business development manager  takes care of signing new deals and partnerships that can bring new capital to the company. He monitors the various contracts with a view to evaluating the results obtained. He sets up the commercial policy to be adopted and proposes it for approval by general management.

Know that the product development manager carries out his tasks in accordance with the objectives set by the company.

The skills you need to work as a product development manager

If you are interested in becoming a product development manager, you must have a certain number of qualifications and skills. These are both technical and relational.

To work as a product development manager, you must have managerial skills in order to be able to lead a team. Also, you are required to have a perfect mastery of negotiation techniques and to be able to evolve independently.

A good sales strategy manager has a keen sense of initiative as well as a very keen sense of synthesis and analysis allowing him to understand trends and find new opportunities. In addition, it has a good capacity for adaptation and opens to the outside world.

Also know that to be a product development manager, creativity, daring, and communication and relational ease are required qualities. Also, it is good to master foreign languages, especially English.

Training and career development

To occupy the position of product development manager, it is essential to have a bac +5 from a business or engineering school, or a master’s degree in marketing. In addition, this profession can be pursued after obtaining a master’s degree or a DESS with a specialization in finance, management or marketing.

As a career progression, with experience and seniority, the product development manager can occupy the positions of marketing director, quality director, sales director or even health, safety and environment manager.

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