From nature announcements to flower cakes, a natural wedding

Whether we have a green thumb or not, whether we are eco-friendly or not, nature invites itself well beyond our interiors and adorns weddings with a thousand lights . If it traditionally invites itself into the living room or even outside the home, nature brings a romantic side to weddings. Leitmotif in country, folk or even bohemian themed weddings, nature also finds its place as master of ceremonies in a nude wedding, refined and simple at the same time. A little rock, very folk, rustic, romantic or traditional for example, “made in nature” brings this touch of sobriety and authenticity to weddings. Between sober colors and raw materials, close-up on simple and poetic atmospheres. Dynamic, modern, but also sophisticated, there is no shortage of inspiration and ideas for going green. Here are some trends to follow to make this day the best day of your life. 

Nature collection for a trendy announcement

The invitation is a bit like the business card of the wedding . It certainly sets the tone of the festivities for the guests, but is also a reflection of the personality of the future bride and groom. Between the shimmering colors of Frida Khalo, flowers each more romantic than the other, the softness of the colors and lines of the drawings made in watercolor, passing through the bucolic side brought by engraving in particular, the natural design of the making -part offers many possibilities for customization. Especially since invitations for a natural wedding can be the highlight of all the wedding stationery. A real favorite due to its originality and finesse, a whole collection of original creations can then result. Between the menu, the labels, the place cards and even the thank you notes in particular, nature will be a wonderful favorite. 

A little help for a delicious trend

If street food most often evokes fatty, caloric and poorly prepared dishes, eaten on the go, street food is not limited to that. Proof of this is with the food trucks which revisit dishes with relish and then offer sought-after and tasty dishes. And now, for two years now, food trucks have been the culinary trend at weddings . Present more particularly during the reception or for the brunch the next day, they have recently also been invited to the wedding meal. Besides, it’s actually becoming essential! Trendy and practical, young and old gourmands can tantalize their taste buds. And above all, it is the opportunity to surprise your guests with a touch of originality. Even more so if the recipes include edible flowers. The opportunity to also offer healthy and delicious plant-based drinks such as detox water, virgin peach and raspberry sangria, kombucha kir, vegetable and fruit smoothies, lemonades and other melonades without forgetting granitas made from aromatic herbs or even exotic iced teas.

A bar like no other, to consume without moderation

After the candy bar, the beer bar, the flower bar is becoming more and more popular at weddings . Moreover, the flower bar has made it to the top 5 of the most trendy wedding entertainment ideas of the moment. At the heart of a flowery oasis prettily decorated with hundreds of flowers, guests can then compose according to their tastes and desires, a buttonhole, a bouquet or even a floral crown for example. Ideal for a bucolic or country-themed wedding. And for this, all you need to do is have bunches of seasonal flowers and provide the necessary equipment – ​​pruning shears, pair of scissors, string, raffia, floratape, pliers, buttonhole supports in this case – to make their little sweet treats floral. The key is not to forget the mirrors, but also tutorials framed in the style of florists so that guests can find inspiration. To make the flower bar more romantic, there’s nothing like enhancing the workshop by writing down a few romantic anecdotes and curiosities around the names of the flowers. And, there’s nothing like going further by sprinkling flowers here and there to complete the decoration of ceremony and party spaces.  

Hair in the wind for a natural bridal look 

If special attention is paid to the choice of wedding dress, whatever the outfit for the big day, it must be combined with a natural hairstyle. Between the messy styled effect, the hair let down, free as air, on the side or even half-tied/half-down, the whole point is to give it a natural and delicate appearance. And here again, the flowers will be highlighted. Whether it is a floral crown, a fuzzy bun studded with small colorful flowers or even barrettes and clips revisited with flowers, the accessory must be clever, chic and sober to bring that touch of refinement as natural as possible . 

Commune in the open air 

More and more wedding ceremonies are taking place in the open air. Between the exchange of vows, the moving speeches, the ceremony or even the meal and the party, it is more and more common to share these special moments with your guests in the open air . Of course, depending on the weather conditions for the D-Day, it is better to bring parasols, sunglasses, straw hats, fans, flip-flops or even a blanket so that they feel at their best. The opportunity to also give them an original gift, but also to have fun, unique photos. Even more so if they are offered in different colors. Finally, as fans of a natural wedding and a lover of outdoor living, why not offer an alternative mode of accommodation to guests: glamping . Sleeping under the stars in a lavender field, waking up gently in the middle of a clearing or even by the lapping of the waves… the wedding will then also be a romantic moment for the guests.

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